Nasi hainan

Bahan nasi hainan rice cooker enak dan mudah :
1 ekor ayam kampung potong potong dan bersihkan
200 ml air hangat (untuk merebus ayam)
mentega untuk menumis ayam
750 gram beras (kualitas yang baik)
air panas untuk menanak nasi di rice cooker secukupnya
2 ruas jahe cincang halus
3 sendok makan minyak wijen
1 sendok makan garam
merica secukupnya
8 siung bawang putih cincang halus

Cara membuat nasi hainan rica cooker enak dan lezat :
Yang kita lakukan pertama kali adalah kita potong potong jahe dan juga bawang putih kemudian haluskan dengan uleg-an.
Setelah itu kita panaskan mentega, jahe dan bawang putih yang sudah dihaluskan sampai harum.
Kemudian kita masukkan potongan ayam, oseng oseng ayam hingga tercampur dengan bumbu dan berubah warna.
Setelah itu kita masukkan 200 ml air kemudian tutup selama kurang lebih 15 menit.
Kemudian diamkan rebusan ayam hingga kurang lebih 10 menit.
Setelah itu masukkan beras dalam rica cooker dan masukkan ayam dan air rebusannya kedalamnya.
Tambahkan air panas dalam rice cooker secukupnya (seperti saat menanak nasi dalam rice cooker seperti biasanya).
Masukkan minyak wijen, garam, lada, aduk hingga rata.
Kemudian nyalakan rice cooker hingga matang.
Nah nasi hainan siap disajikan kepada keluarga tercinta dirumah.

Hunting school part 3

Setelah hunting school part 1 and 2, lets continue with part 3.
Disini ada bbrp harga yg agak lebih membumi, dan ada jg sih yg bikin pingsan (tetep).

St. Antonius, BSD
KB uang pangkal 5 jt, alat+buku 1jt, seragam 1.4 jt, kegiatan 1.2 jt. Uang sekolah 600.000
TK uang sekolah 600.000
SD uang sekolah 700.000

B kids, BSD
PG uang pangkal 10 jt, uang sekolah 1.250 jt/bln
TK nya blom tau brp krn br mau buka.

Saint John, BSD
PG uang pangkal 15 jt, include seragam n buku. Uang sekolah 1.650
K1 uang pangkal 10 jt, include seragam n buku. Uang sekolah 1.550/bln
Primary uang pangkal 32 jt, include seragam n buku. uang sekolah 2.5 jt/bln

Marie Joseph, kelapa gading
KB uang pangkal 3.5jt. Uang sekolah 550.000
TK uang pangkal 5 jt. Uang sekolah 600.000

Athalia, melati mas
TK/KB uang pangkal 8.5 jt. Uang sekolah 400.000
SD uang pangkal 16.5 jt. Uang sekolah 1 jt

Stella Maris, BSD
KB uang pangkal 15 jt. Uang kegiatan 1.6 jt/th. Uang buku n seragam 800.000 Uang sekolah 950.000/ bln.
TK uang pangkal 15 jt. Dll sama kaya msk KB.
SD uang pangkal 27.5 (lsg pingsan dengernya. Ga lanjutin nanya uang sekolah, kegiatan, dsb)

Kl hasil liat2 sih saint john ok bgt. Mulai dr gedung, fasilitas, cara pengajaran ( pk sistem point, bhs pengantar inggris), dsb. Cuma emang dr segi harga yahud bgt yaaaa….
Ya kl ada rejeki lebih mgkn nanti Mike bs msk situ deh.

Trip to singapore (with toddler) – last part

Sorry for the looooong delay. Kind of busy at work and forgot to write the last part.
This would be the last day in singapore. The end of our journey.
In the morning we were busy packing all of our luggages. After breakfast we checked out of amaris hotel around 9.30. We also asked them to put our luggage in the safe until our flight.

The agenda of today is orchard road and other places we did not go on the 1-3 day.

From amaris hotel again we took MRT. From bugis station to  orchard.
We went to lucky plasa to buy some souvenirs. We bought chocolates, green tea kit kat, t-shirt, and small bags. We also went to ion and bought ruby shoes. After having lunch in the foodcourt of takashimaya, we went back to the hotel to get our luggages. More packing to do due to the shopping today.

After getting our luggages, we started the journey to changi airport. Again using MRT. It is very convenient especially because we are using ez-link card. Just tap the card when you enter the station and tap again when you exit one.

In changi, after checked in, we went to heavenly wang to grab some food. I think all the food in the menu are great. And not expensive.

Our flights were delayed. As always with lion air. Late Is Our Nature.

Mike is very good. He did not cry at all during flight. Instead he was very interested to the wings and other parts of the aeroplane. He slept when we are still flying. And remain sleeping even when we landed.

Finding a good match pediatrician for my son

Finding a good match pediatrician is very hard. I have changed several times and still yet to find one for my son.

1. My son was born 3 years ago in st. Carolus salemba jakarta. When he was born, my ginecologist order for 1 pediatrician, but unfortunately she was out of town then. So he asked for dr Eveline instead.
Few days after he was born dr Eveline decided that he was yellowish and needed to be under the blue light.
After i have gone home with my son, dr eveline asked us to come again after 2 days. When we got back, she decided to put my son in NICU. Again with the yellowish symptoms. He stayed in NICU for more than a week. I wanted to cry everyday seeing helpless baby in an incubator with blue light and infussed.
Dr eveline asked us to come back in a week or so after we were discharged from the hospital. I didnt do so, and i changed doctor.

2. Dr. Abdul Latief, sp AK.
I’ve got a recommendation from a friend that his son is with this doctor. I decided to bring Mike to consult with him. When we saw him, he said mike was still yellowish (i got panicked, what if he is just the same). But no need to hospitalized. Just give him plenty of breastmilk and put him under the sun in the morning. Yippie…… like like this doctor.
I always bring Mike to see this doctor for vaccination.
When we moved from kelapa gading to serpong area, we cannot rely on the pediatrician which is  so far away. We can only go to dr Latief on weekend. This is where the journey starts.

3. Dr. Arum Gunarsih, spA
I got this doctor from the teacher in Mike’s previous daycare. She said this is the best doctor in the hospital (at that time there were 3 pediatrician in bunda dalima hospital. But now only 1, dr arum)
When Mike got food alergy, she prescribed a medicine and cured him in 2 days. Waaah … good good. But the 2nd and 3rd time we saw her, the medicine she prescribed cannot cure him. So we ended up going to dr Abdul latief again. Aaaargh…. need to find another doctor nearby.

4. Dr. M. Soejono
I got a recommendation from a colleague. This doctor is very very old. He retired from st. Carolus jkt.
He is a very good doctor. Every single time, his medicine can cure my son.
I thought i found the one….. but all good things come to an end. He stopped practicing. He said he was to old. So since Jan 2015, i have to find another one.

5. Dr. Johannes Ridwan, spA, Dpps
This is a kind of famous doctor. As you can read in female daily and other forum, a lot of moms adores him. It said he can cure repeatedly cough, etc.
I started to bring Mike to see him when he got cold n flu.
The first time was a charm. All went well. Although his medicines are extremely expensive.
The 2nd and 3rd time, my son did not cure and he advised me to hospitalized him.
Ok, because it was late at night and my son was having fever….. we decided to hospitalized him in Bethsaida hospital.
My son was discharged after 3 days. But the doctor prescribed a very very weird medicine. When i asked the nurse, she said the medicine in the prescription is very expensive ( total 1.8 million) and i can only buy them in Bethsaida or Clinic icon because dr Jo has an agreement with the manufacturing, and have the medicine only sold in where he practices.
I got really suspicious….
And…. the medicine is for 1 month.
He said before if i put my son hospitalized he can be cured in 2 days. Now he gave 1 month medicine????
I decided never coming back to see him anymore.

6. Dr. Pingkan Palilingan, spA
She was recommended by dr. Abdul Latief. I had several bad experirnce in eka hospital, so kind of reluctant to try. But seems like I dont have any choice.
After we register, the nurse must measure my son’s height, weight and temperature. OMG…. the queue is such a mess. And all sick children lying / running around. Such an ugly view.
There is only 1 nurse to do the measurement for all pediatrician. I count around 5 pediatricians at the same time. No wonder soooo crowded.
But the doctor was very nice. (All 1st timer was a charm). She asked us a few questions, and read all the test results from Bethsaida hospital. Then she checked on my son.
According to her, my son’s illness is not serious and no need to be hospitalized. And certainly no need to use the 1 month expensive medicine prescribed.
Oooh i like her….
She gave another prescription for my son. And asked to stop the medication before.
I hope i dont need to find another doctor.

Trip to singapore (with toddler) part 3 – Sentosa

Ini hari ke 3 kita di singapore. Sesuai itinerary kita akan ke Sentosa. Wuih udh ga sabar deh…. di sana ada Universal Studio, SEA aquarium , trick eye museum, madam tussaude…. wuaaah byk bgt. Kayanya kurang nih kl cm 1 hr di sentosa. Next time musti 2 hr kali ya hihihi…

Setelah breakfast di amaris hotel, kita naik MRT dari bugis ke harbourfront. St harbourfront ini integrated dengan vivocity. Begitu sampe, kita naik ke lt 3. Kl dr info2 bbrp blog ktnya di lt 3 ini ada sentosa express (train to the island). Dan info dr blog jg kl kita bs pk ez link. Jd ga usah beli tiket masuk pulau + tiket kereta lg.

Di counter vivo kita beli sentosa fun pas. Jd dlm 1 hr kita bs masuk ke 3 dari 20 atraksi yg ada (kecuali USS). Ada jg pilihan dgn jmlh atraksi lbh byk, tp rasanya ga keburu d. Harga sentosa fun pass utk 3 atraksi $44. Lbh murah drpd beli tiket satuan kan. Kita tdnya mau beli tiket USS jg disini, tp harganya $74 no discount. Si mba penjaga jg rada rese bilang “we have no promotion. I dont know the price inside the island”. Ya udh lah. Nanti beli di dlm ajah.

Kita naik sentosa express yg supeeer rame ke pulau sentosa. Heran deh, pdhal udh milih hr senin buat ke sentosa berharap sepi. Eeeh taunya rameeee….
Setelah sampe di pulau, kita turun di station pertama. Di sini lah tempatnya USS, SEA aquarium sama trick eye. Setelah turun dr station, eeh ada ticket booth lg. Coba2 tanya harga USS disini. Ternyata sama ajah sodara2…. $74. Capeee deee. Trus kita nunjukin singapore map yg ada tulisan diskon nya itu. Kali ini si nci penjaga lbh ramah. Dia kasi tau kl mo beli yg diskon itu hrs beli di ticket booth di dpn atraksinya. Jd loket2 yg di dpn USS itu.
Ok lah kita lsg menuju ke sana. Dan ternyata walopun baru buka (msh pagi) tetep ajah antri loh…. ( ini hr senin bukan sih? Org2 pd ga krj yaaa?)

Setelah berhasil beli tiket USS diskonan *emak irit ,(sok bangga pdhal cm diskon 10%), kita split 2 rombongan ada yg ke USS, ada yg ke SEA aquarium.

USS itu ternyata kecil loh. Msh gedean dufan deh. Cuma keren aja kl pas ada tokoh2 nya (dlm nya sih org biasa) lg jln2 gt dan kita bs foto2.
Di dlm kita maen sesame street, madagaskar, transformers, shrek, sama waterworld. Yg ga sempet masuk itu mummy (ktnya serem) sama jurasic (ktnya super basah). Sama puss in boots (blom buka).
Yg plg keren si transformers. Cm emang parah sih antrinya 1 jam boooo  cm buat main 10-15 mnt ajah. Giling kan.
Kl madagaskar tu mirip istana boneka di dufan. Sesame street yg nonton “when i grow up” itu mirip balada kera gt di dufan.

Setelah kelar dr USS kita lanjut ke trick eye museum. Musium ini beda dr musium2 biasa deh. Di dlm nya byk gambar2 3D yg bs difoto dg gaya2 keren. Cuma ya krn ruangannya kecil, kadang susah fotonya. Atau pas lg foto di gambar 1, ujungnya keliatan background gambar 2.

Puas plus cape di sentosa, kita keluar lg dr pulau naik kereta. Wuiiiih penuh bgt. Udh kaya lautan manusia berrebutan masuk kereta…. hihihi mirip kereta serpong – tn abang deh. Tiba di vivo city udh cape n laper. Mkn di resto central. Mayan mahal jg booo hehe.
Kembali ke hotel naik mrt lg. Nyampe lsg pd teler deh.

Trip to singapore (with toddler) part 2

Day 2

Setelah bobo malem di hotel amaris, kita udh recharge energy lagi buat jalan2 hari ke2. Di itinerary hari ini jadwalnya ke gereja, botanic garden, chinatown, garden by the bay sama merlion. Buanyak banget yaaaa… we’ll see lah

Pagi2 kirain Mike bakalan cranky n susah bangun…. tapiiii lagi2 mommy salah. Mike bangun jam 6an waktu singapore (atau jam 5 waktu indo). Hebat bgt ni anak.

Pagi2 bangun tau2 bilang mau makan. Jd kita kasi honey star trus dia duduk anteng makanin honey star di atas ranjang. (Biasa ga boleh mkn di ranjang takut byk semut. Tp berhubung di hotel dan kl duduk di lantai bs msk angin jd gpp deh d ranjang)

Abis itu mandi, siap2 berangkat trus breakfast di bawah deh. Di hotel amaris ini kita dpt breakfast, tp simple bgt. Pilihannya ada cereal, roti tawar/toast, cake, sama pop mie hihihi…. minumannya ada kopi, teh, susu, sama jus jeruk.

Dari hotel amaris kita cukup berjalan kaki ke st. Joseph church. Gerejanya sendiri udh cukup tua, tp AC nya masih baru dan super dingin brrrr…

Selesai misa kita jln kaki ke mrt Bras Basah cuma 200 m ajah dr gereja. Mrt Bras Basah ini jalur kuning (yellow line) sama dgn mrt Botanic Garden. Jd kita tinggal duduk manis nunggu si mrt itu muter. Yellow line ini masih baru dan agak mahal taripnya. Jd enak keretanya msh baru dan sepiiii booo.

Sampe di botanic garden kita foto2 liat2 pohon dan evolution garden. Terakhir kita ke jacob ballas children garden yg lokasinya rada ngumpet. Tp beneran deh itu tamannya keren bgt buat anak2. Bisa seharian kali kalo ga di stop. Ada main pasir, main air, maze, slides, seru deh….

Sorry Mike, kita ga bs seharian main. Kita hrs lanjut ke tempat lain. Dr botanic garden kita lanjut ke chinatown. Begitu sampe chinatown br inget oh iya alamat tukang abon babinya ga bawa *mate deh udh sampe br sadar….
Ya sud lah mau gmn lg. Jln2 aja. ternyata oh ternyata begitu exit mrt kita liat stall nya Lim Chee Guan. Langsung deh beli dl aja sblom nanti ga ketemu lg tempatnya.
Abis beli abon +dendeng babi, kita lanjut mau lunch. Duh tp mike bobo nih…. kaya nya kecapean td main di children garden. Ya udh kita pesen aja, trus pisahin buat mike di lunch box. Selesai mkn liat2 bentar, tp koq ya ga sreg deh…. suasananya gmn gt. Crowded or semrawut yah.
Kita lanjut lg by mrt dr chinatown ke garden by the bay.

Dari mrt harbourfront kita lwt terowongan langsung ke garden by the bay. Trus foto2 lg di sana. Di garden by the bay ini sebetulnya ada bagian yg free dan ada 2 dome yg berbayar. Kita ga beli tiket dome nya. Cuma muter2 bentar trus duduk2 under the tree.

Di sini beberapa anggota rombongan udh cape dan ada yg ngambek. Hadeuuh… repot jg ya kl pergi rame2. Tp semua mau pergi ke merlion sih, jd kita tetep ngelanjut. Dari mrt harbourfront kita ke mrt raffles place. Kl mnurut mbah google ini st mrt terdekat. Cuma yg ga diperhitungkan krn ini hr minggu dan mrt nya di kawasan perkantoran, maka sempet shock wkt exit ngeliat “kota mati” gitu.

Nah udh bbrp kali nih kl dr merlion ke raffles place or vice versa selalu nyasar. Koq ga pinter2 yaaaa….. kali ini terulang lagi. Udh exit mrt ktm kota mati, trus udh jln bbrp blok rasanya ga ada tanda2 tu merlion. Plus keluhan anggota rombongan yg kecapean…. haduuuuh…. pengen cari org buat ditanya rada susah, ya itu tadi krn kawasan perkantoran di hr minggu sepiiii sunyiiii.

Akhirnya nemu 1 uncle yg kasi tau jln nya daaan keliatan deh itu merlion….
Begitu ktm merlion nya semua langsung sumringah… yg manyun2 berubah 180 derajat. Kita foto rame2 di dpn merlion. Trus nemu merlion yg kecil. Kata Mike itu merlion baby, yg di belakangnya merlion mama. (Blom tau aja dia bsk ktemu merlion lg)

Puas deh foto2 di merlion ampe gelap. Ternyata nunggu gelap di singapore tuh lamaaaaa ya. Jam 7 mlm aja masih terang. Dari sini kita plg ke hotel deh. Mampir KFC dl di sebrang bugis junction. Nyobain rice bucket (penasaran gara2 baca di salah 1 blog yg bilang bs mkn ber2). Daaan saya konfirmasi ternyata info yg saya baca itu salah loh. Si KFC rice bucket ini bs dimakan ber3. Jd bukan ber2 yaaaa…. hihihi.

Balik ke hotel, beres2 trus bobo deh… siap2 buat besok ke sentosa. 😀

Trip to singapore (with toddler) part 1

Before going to singapore I read a lot of blogs about this. And those blogs are really helpfull. So I decided now i want to write too. Who knows it might help others.

Trip kali ini total 4d3n. Berangkat dan pulang naik lion air (yeah…. ini setelah kejadian dg air asia itu loh).

Utk penginapan, krn kali ini perginya rombongan sengaja cari hotel yg agak murmer. Tp ga jelek2 amat, dan yg pasti bukan hotel plus plus (bahaya bawa toddler…. takut ntar ngeliat yg macem2). Setelah berkutat dgn angka dan jarak dan baca review trip advisor akhirnya kita milih hotel amaris.
Amaris? Pasti pd bingung khan? Hehe….. yaaa ternyata jauh2 ke singapore koq nginepnya amaris?
1. Harga yg kompetitif
As mentioned earlier, kali ini kita butuh 3 kamar buat 3 mlm. Jd faktor angka menentukan bgt. Kita booking lewat avia total sgd 801.
2. Baca review di trip advisor lumayan. Ga jelek. Hotel bersih dan lbh gede dikit dibanding 81/fragrance.
3. Nama besar amaris/santika/KG group udh terkenal di indo
4. Lokasi cuma 1/2 km dr mrt bugis (green line) dan esplanade (yellow line) jd ga terlalu jauh jln nya.

Day 1
Mulai dr brgkt dr rmh. Pesen taxi buat jam 3 pagi. Mikir nanti Mike langsung digendong aja lah, kasian kl dibangunin kepagian. Ternyata oh ternyata. Pas kita gantiin baju jam 2.35 dia kebangun trus dia inget kl hr ini mau ke singapore (udh 1 mg terakhir dia excited bgt mau ke singapore dan tiap hari nanyain kpn perginya). Akhirnya dia turun dr ranjang, sambil lari2 ke pintu dpn. Hebatnya lg dia ga keliatan ngantuk loh….
Kita sarapan di puri indah lounge di terminal 2 soetta. Mike ga mau mkn roti/pamgsit/cemilan lain. Eeeh pas aku ambil bubur (buat aku sendiri sebetulnya) tau2 dia tertarik…. dan akhirnya mommy ga kebagian donk. Gpp deh, mommy bs mkn yg lain sekalian diet, yg penting bocah perutnya ga kosong.

Mike seneng bgt di pesawat, ga berenti2 ngoceh. Duh pdhal kirain bakalan bobo.stlh take off bbrp saat br deh mulai bobo. Good. Jd mommy n daddy bs makan lg istirahat.

Tujuan trip hari ini ke chinese garden, westgate ama orchard.

Dr changi kita naik mrt ke bugis. Cukup ganti di tanah merah aja trus lanjut jalur hijau (green line). Setelah sblm nya minjem kartu ez link dari tmn2, kita ngerasa terbantu bgt pake kartu itu.

Dari mrt bugis, kita jln kaki ke hotel amaris, sempet bingung jg sih krn ternyata exit D nya udh ga ada (ditutup krn ada mrt jalur biru di bugis). Setelah sampe hotel kita bs lsg check in dan msk kamar. Setelah leyeh2 kita berangkat lg dgn tujuan chinese garden.
Tdnya di itinerary hrsnya mkn di sebrang chinese garden, tp berhubung rombongan udh laper kita mkn di bugis junction. Krn mau cepet kita milih mc d aja deh. Duh udh jauh2 ke singapore malah mkn mc d.
Setelah recharge energy di mc d kita lanjut naik mrt jalur hijau ke chinese garden. Jauuuuuh yaaaaa….. walaupun enak ga usah tuker2 kereta. Setelah turun mrt di chinese garden, langsung deh sampe di taman nya. Kita muter2 n foto2 disitu. Sayang pagodanya lg di renov sampe agt 2015. Jd ga bs difoto deh.
Dari chinese garden kita naik mrt lg kali ini cm 1 station aja menuju jurong east. Stlh keluar dr mrt jurong east lsg msk ke mall yg namanya westgate. Nah dr info tmn yg tinggal deket situ ada free playground disini. Namanya westgate wonderland yg terletak di lantai paling atas. Di sini rombongan mencar. Mike main di westgate wonderland. Deta antri di 4 fingers, saya ktemuan sama tmn SMU FV 1 di dpn westgate wonderland sambil 3 anaknya main disitu jg.
Setelah itu hrsnya ada dlm itinerary buat ke orchard. Tp krn rombongan udh cape akhirnya kita mkn mlm di kopitiam under mrt jurong east. Trus plg ke hotel, mandi, beres2, bobo

To be continued….