Dietary diary

This page is used to track down my diet. supposedly I made this long long time ago… hehehe

Early 2008: 55 to 56 kg

Target 2008: reduce 2-3 kg


  • Jogging
  • Aerobic
  • Less intake


April 2008: 56 kg (stress caused this)

July 2008: 55 kg

August 2008: 54 kg

September 2008: delicious sinful food i took

  • Pork – any kind, roasted, boiled, smoked, etc
  • Starbucks and similar – with whipped cream…
  • Softdrinks
  • Cakes – specially choco macha with melted green tea… just love it
  • Snacks – biscuits, potato crisp, wafer, etc

October 2008: Lebaran holiday in Puncak…. only eat and eat and sleep hehehe = still 54 kg

Need to reduce more fatty food

November 2008: Singapore trip… lots of eating and walking = 53 kg

December 2008: Camping … still 53 kg

Christmas Holiday in Puncak….. climbs up to 54 kg

New Year 2009: still 54 kg…. (need to loose this fat)

early February 2009 (before kos): 53.5 kg

mid February 2009 (during kos): 52 kg

mid April 2009 : 52 kg (Still the same although i dont diet anymore)

November 2009 (after my new life begins) : still 52 kg

mid November 09 (in singapore) almost 55 kg… oh nooooo!

-almost forgot I have this page-

July 2010 reaching the unbelievable…. 57 kg

August 2010 in KL… I think the weighing scale is broken. LOL 60 kg.

=== still wanna know my weight journey? ===

March 2011 … almost back to normal 55 kg.
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