2010 Resolution

Usually I make Christmas Resolution each year, and then renew it for Birthday Resolution. But this time I make New Year Resolution instead. I think it is the same thing, just that I was still in the progress of processing my resolution on Christmas day.

I have changed a lot of my resolutions now. instead of pursuing the old stuffs from last year, I made some new ones. I will put the remaining as a note and see if they can be achieved this year.

1. Spiritual growth: read bible everyday and pray constantly

2. Career growth: personal development and salary above ***

3. Physical: more exercise and regular diet

4. Debt free: pay all mortgage / loans

Aside from the 4 points, I need to point out the note as an affirmation. I know I can’t put it as a resolution, because it would be too idealistic to want it in 2010.

Affirmation: I’m married to a single, loyal, caring, catholic, good looking, successful man.


New Year Resolution

Time flies… It is now the time for me to make another new year resolution.

2009 is just around the corner. within the same week we will arrive there.

Ok here it goes:

1. Get married

Actually this is my resolution from this year, but i haven’t made to accomplish. I hope 2009 will bring me to achieve this goal.

2. Salary above ***

Obviously if I just put a small increase, it would be easy for me to achieve. but now I put a rather impossible target (as usual), and I hope (as usual) the target will come true. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

3. Reduce Weight

Of course I did manage to reduce my weight in 2008, and now that I’m used to it, I think it won’t hurt to loose 2 more kg.

4. Start building my own business

I think I need to put this one, as working is not as convenient as before. I know starting up won’t be easy, so I might start preparing while I’m still working


Under the waterfall
Under the waterfall

Last Sunday I went to Bandung to see the waterfall. Well, the main reason is to pray and this is just the side dish. But the side dish turns out to be a lot more fun (of course lah).

The waterfall is so beautiful and worth every effort. The journey going and back was kind of hard, but once you’re there all the pain will be gone.

I even had my so-called pre-wed pics there hehehe 🙂

All the good memories will be remembered always.


picture-011.jpgpicture-002.jpgpicture-002.jpgpicture-002.jpgUdah masuk bulan February lagi… spt biasa curah hujan tambah tinggi….

Hari ini tgl 1 Feb. Hujan deras banget dari semalem…. gak berenti2… DI mana mana jalanan jadi MACET total. banyak yg banjir…. Mobil2 pun masuk ke jalur busway secara jalur itu lebih tinggi, tp tetep kena banjir juga sih…

Kelapa Gading juga ikutan kena banjir (lagi)…. ultah nih, soalnya taon lalu juga tgl segini banjirnya. jd udah bukan banjir 5 thnan, tp banjir tahunan nih…

Kantor gue kan sekarang di belakang sarinah, dulu gue pikir kl jalanan spt thamrin en sudirman gitu bebas banjir…. taunya…. coba lihat nih foto nya…

Rumah gue jg banjir… jd gue hrs ngungsi ke Cibubur… Tiap hari masih aja hujan terus. Kt nya sih kl hujan pas sincia itu bawa hoki. artinya taon ini bakalan banyak rejeki…. AMIN AMIN deh…

Snow….. White Christmas


I’m dreaming of a white Christmas….

Kayak apa sih yg namanya salju (snow)? Berhubung gue tinggal di Indonesia yang beriklim tropis, blom pernah tuh turun salju di sini. apalagi gue tinggal di Jakarta yg panas, bukan di pegunungan.

The picture above was from a friend of mine who lives in Switzerland. It was taken recently, just before Christmas in Switzerland.

I always wonder how it feels… (snow I mean) must be really cold 🙂 I like going to the mountains (in Indonesia) rather than the beaches, but still the snow would be… far far colder than that….

One day I’m sure I can touch it 🙂