Hunting Primary School (SD) in BSDĀ 

After hunting for preschool, kindergarten, now is time to hunt for primary school for my eldest son. As for Raphael, I think he will follow his brother, so I dont have to drop them to different schools in the morning.

1. Saint John Catholic School

Dari dulu udh suka bgt ama st john. Tapi koq harganya makin mahaaaaaal melambung tinggi…. SD nya udh 3.1 jt /bulan. Kayanya nyerah deh.

2. Canadian Montessori School

Super like this school. I went there once to chat with the principal and teacher. The teacher is orginal canadian.


  • No homeworks
  • No tests
  • Excellent english (with bule teacher)
  • Lots of montessori materials
  • Small school, so hommy
  • School fee: 2.250.000/ month


  • Location is about half hour driving from my office/home. It will take time for me to go back n forth
  • No school bus (related to no 1)
  • No raphael cannot enroll together with michael
  • Ujian Nasional will be held in Rumah Pelangi, pamulang
  • Small number of students
  • No playground (penting ga sih?)

3. Sophos school

Deeekeeet banget dr kantor. Tinggal jln kaki aja. Tapi muahaaaal. Rincian harga utk masuk SD:

Uang pangkal 36 jt

Uang sekolah 2.350.000/bulan

Uang buku 2.000.000/th

Seragam, library, dll ada lagi harganya

4. Anderson school

Sekolah ini ga pernah pasang iklan, lokasi jg tersembunyi. Tapi dari omongan org2 mutu sekolahnya bagus.

Kurikulum nasional plus singapore. Beberapa buku mereka import dr Singapore.

Biaya masuk SD:

Uang pangkal + buku: 17.500.000

Uang sekolah 860.000/ bulan

5. Strada bakti nusa

Dibanding yg lain2 di atas, emang nge jomplang bgt ya no 5 ini. Harga pun bagai bumi dan langit.


  • Very near to home
  • Kindergarten available
  • School bus available
  • Very very afordable (school fee 550.000/ month)
  • Big playground/sports field
  • Catholic school


  • Bahasa
  • Need to pay for english n mandarin lesson (outside school)
  • Old fashioned school
  • Saturday is a school day

Senam hamil

Ok, I never wrote about this on my first pregnancy. But I will write a review on all the places i’ve been to for this.

1. Eka Hospital -BSD
Dulu waktu hamil anak pertama gua tinggal dekeeeet bgt sama Eka Hospital. Tinggal jln kaki sekitar 5 menit deh. Jadi lah lumayan sering senam disini. Dulu seinget gua th 2012 itu biayanya 50.000. dan ga gitu rame (ga sampe waiting list segala).
Sekarang (th 2016) harganya turun boooo…. jadi cuma 35.000. lumayan bgt ya hari gini ada yg turun harga. Tapi oh tapi…. antriannya membludak. Waiting list sampe 1 bulan…. eaaaah…. Jadilah di kehamilan ke2 ini justru gua blom pernah senam di Eka.
Kesel bgt ama Eka Hospital. Gua kan udh waiting list sebulan tuh buat senam, eh masa 1 hari sblm nya ditelp, dikasi tau kl “besok senam hamil ditiadakan, diganti dgn seminar”. Lha gmn ini ga ada koordinasi bgt. Dan yg lbh ngeselin, si cs nya bilang gini “kalo ibu setuju ikut seminarnya, nanti saya anggap ibu udh ikut senamnya”. Heh???? Aneh bgt kan. Emangnya senam cm buat absen doank gt? Akhirnya batal lah gua senam di eka pas kehamilan ke2 ini.

2. Hermina Podomoro – sunter
Dapet info dr tmn pas hamil anak pertama kl disini senamnya lebih murah. Biayanya cuma 25.000. yah lumayan 1/2 harga dr eka hospital kan. Dan lokasi lumayan deket dari rmh nyokap. Jadi lah kl pas lg weekend ke rmh nyokap, gua ikutan senam disini.
Pas hamil anak ke2, lagi2 dpt rekomendasi dr tmn yg berbeda utk senam disini (krn frustasi ga kebagian tempat di eka). Harga tetap sama (pdhal udh 4 th berlalu).

3. Mitra Keluarga – Kelapa Gading
Wkt hamil anak pertama sempet jg coba senam disini. Ya pengen nyoba aja krn lbh deket dr rmh nyokap, drpd hrs ke sunter. Tnyt biayanya lbh mahal drpd hermina. 50.000 aja. Jam nya kurang ok mnurut gua. Krn senamnya jam 11-12, nah itu kan biasanya udh jam laper ya hihihi….. jd rada males senam deh.

4. Hermina Serpong
Nah dulu wkt anak pertama, blom ada RS Hermina Serpong. Jadi emang blom nyobain. Tp pas hamil anak ke2 udh ada, dan kebetulan gua tinggalnya deket situ. Jadi mau coba senam disitu. Udh telp jadwalnya tiap Sabtu jam 9-10. Semoga bisa ikutan.
Ikut senam hamil di sini 1x. Wkt itu dtg dr 8.30 an blm ada org yg daftar senam…. disuru lsg daftar n bayar aja. Baru dicek tensi. Abis itu nunggu sampe jam 9.15 msh blom ada tmn nya. Eaaaah ….. bidannya santai aja blg nunggu ada tmn nya dl bu.
Jam 9.30 akhirnya ada 2 tmn, kita naik ke atas ke ruang senam. Di dpn nya udh ada 1 bapak2 nungguin, taunya itu sales PIGEON. Trus stlh msk ruangan, dimulai dgn presentasi product pigeon dl. Sempet kesel sih, krn jadwal 9-10 kok ini jdnya jam 10 blm mulai senam. Untungnya si bapak bagiin voucher pigeon 20% jd lumayan lah…..
Senam akhirnya mulai jam 10 lewat dikit. Senamnya bentar sih cuma 30 menit an. Abis itu ada sesi tanya jawab sambil mkn snack. Dapetnya sifon cake+aqua botol. Akhirnya selesai jam 11 kurang dikit.

5. RS Gading Pluit
Pas lg ke gading pluit, iseng2 nanya di informasi bawah soal senam hamil. Ktnya ada tiap sabtu jam 9, biaya 30.000.
Krn cm beda goceng, pengen jg nyobain senam disini. Ternyata oh ternyata pas daftar malah disuru byr 45.000 dan senam nya ada rabu+sabtu jam 10. Ini gmn sih bag informasi nya ga akurat bgt. Grrrr……
Senamnya lumayan lama… sekitar 90 mnt loh. Plus ada pemeriksaan janin di awal. Jd total ampir 2 jam. Trus dpt kartu senam. Tapiiii ga dpt snack. Hihihi…. pdhal selesainya udh jam 12 kan, udh super laper n lemes.

Thank You Lord (Michael’s 4th birthday)

When I woke up this morning, I watched my son sleeping next to me.
Thank You Lord, for giving me 4 wonderful years with him … And more years to come.
A small baby that I gave birth 4 years ago, is now a big boy. He can run, jump, fight, spell, even write & read his own name. He is toilet-trained and sometimes can eat by himself.
A lot of things have happened in 4 years.
He has gone to 5 different school: wbs, bido, step one, shalom, eye level.
The next chapter for him will be : having a brother. Yes, hopefully in 2 months time he will have a brother. He is so excited and keeps on asking when I will due.

I hope God will always look out for him, take good care of him anytime… anywhere…. Amin

Shalom House Care

*disclaimer: all information posted here is based on my personal experience. So it is very subjective. Other people might have different view.

A few months ago I saw a big banner in Nusaloka BSD. It says Shalom House Care: daycare and preschool. I was interested because of the name, so i tried asking more information and also visited the place on December 2015.

During the last week of Dec 2015, i wanted my son to have trial, but apparently it closed for about 2 weeks. So i got my son scheduled for trial at January 4, 2016.

After the trial, I decided to enroll my son in Shalom. The first day was OK. Only 4 children with 2 caregivers and 1 maid. I never knew there will be a lot of surprises in this daycare.

The next day, 7 new children came so all 11 children with 2 caregivers and 1 maid. My son started crying and refused to stay.

First surprise: Daycare fee increased more than 20%. Ok, i know new year means increased prices. But the increase is kind of high, especially because the fee is higher than other daycare in the area.

Second surprise: more new children enrolled. We were promised the ratio will be 1:3 for toddler and 1:2 for baby. But with more than 15 children (babies n toddlers) only 2 carregivers, 1 maid, 1 teacher and 1 manager. During the last week my son was there only 1 caregiver, 1 maid, 1 manager.

Third surprise: we were given a schedule on our first day. We expected the schedule was made to be followed. But i found out that the dinner is at 4 pm, and afternoon snack at 5 pm. Different to the schedule. The result is my son is hungry by the time we reached home every night.

Fourth surprise: the name is shalom. Obviously you expect something christian. And the policy also stated that they will teach in christian way. The surprise is the caregiver and maid are not christians. How do you expect them to teach in christian way?

Fifth surprise: the food. I know food is really based on people’s taste. But this one is not on the taste, as i have never tried on. But more on the nutrition and variety.
Having coco crunch for breakfast is ok for once in a while. Maybe once a month or once in 2 months. But 3 x in a week????
Fish is a good source of protein, but seriously 3-4x a week eating fish everyday for lunch and dinner? What happen to egg, tofu, tempe, chicken, beef, pork?

Sixth surprise: actually this should be the first one. The staff turnover is high. On the trial day, i was surprised because all of the caregiver are different to the ones i met the month before. And they admitted that they just started working for a week. All of the caregiver that worked the year before, resigned. Only the teacher and maid stayed. And during my son was there, one of the new caregiver quit before a month. There must be something fishy here.

School and Daycare

I know school and daycare are 2 different things. But for me, I really need for those 2 to be in the same place. My son is attending a preschool which also includes a daycare. But he is now at the last stage existing in the school. Pre kindergarten.
Yes, the preschool doesn’t have a kindergarten. So, I must start searching for his next education level.

Here are the list of school which includes daycare. I hope it will help some of you who read this.

1. Step One Preschool and Daycare
     The Green, BSD
2. B’kids early childhood center
     Kencana Loka, BSD
3. Sunny place schoolhouse
     Anggrek Loka, BSD
4. Chrysalis
      Gading Serpong
5. Nto , Gading Serpong
6. Nto, Pondok Jagung
7. JAC, kelapa gading
8. Popay montessori, kelapa gading

…. I will add some more later

Nasi hainan

Bahan nasi hainan rice cooker enak dan mudah :
1 ekor ayam kampung potong potong dan bersihkan
200 ml air hangat (untuk merebus ayam)
mentega untuk menumis ayam
750 gram beras (kualitas yang baik)
air panas untuk menanak nasi di rice cooker secukupnya
2 ruas jahe cincang halus
3 sendok makan minyak wijen
1 sendok makan garam
merica secukupnya
8 siung bawang putih cincang halus

Cara membuat nasi hainan rica cooker enak dan lezat :
Yang kita lakukan pertama kali adalah kita potong potong jahe dan juga bawang putih kemudian haluskan dengan uleg-an.
Setelah itu kita panaskan mentega, jahe dan bawang putih yang sudah dihaluskan sampai harum.
Kemudian kita masukkan potongan ayam, oseng oseng ayam hingga tercampur dengan bumbu dan berubah warna.
Setelah itu kita masukkan 200 ml air kemudian tutup selama kurang lebih 15 menit.
Kemudian diamkan rebusan ayam hingga kurang lebih 10 menit.
Setelah itu masukkan beras dalam rica cooker dan masukkan ayam dan air rebusannya kedalamnya.
Tambahkan air panas dalam rice cooker secukupnya (seperti saat menanak nasi dalam rice cooker seperti biasanya).
Masukkan minyak wijen, garam, lada, aduk hingga rata.
Kemudian nyalakan rice cooker hingga matang.
Nah nasi hainan siap disajikan kepada keluarga tercinta dirumah.

Hunting school part 3

Setelah hunting school part 1 and 2, lets continue with part 3.
Disini ada bbrp harga yg agak lebih membumi, dan ada jg sih yg bikin pingsan (tetep).

St. Antonius, BSD
KB uang pangkal 5 jt, alat+buku 1jt, seragam 1.4 jt, kegiatan 1.2 jt. Uang sekolah 600.000
TK uang sekolah 600.000
SD uang sekolah 700.000

B kids, BSD
PG uang pangkal 10 jt, uang sekolah 1.250 jt/bln
TK nya blom tau brp krn br mau buka.

Saint John, BSD
PG uang pangkal 15 jt, include seragam n buku. Uang sekolah 1.650
K1 uang pangkal 10 jt, include seragam n buku. Uang sekolah 1.550/bln
Primary uang pangkal 32 jt, include seragam n buku. uang sekolah 2.5 jt/bln

Marie Joseph, kelapa gading
KB uang pangkal 3.5jt. Uang sekolah 550.000
TK uang pangkal 5 jt. Uang sekolah 600.000

Athalia, melati mas
TK/KB uang pangkal 8.5 jt. Uang sekolah 400.000
SD uang pangkal 16.5 jt. Uang sekolah 1 jt

Stella Maris, BSD
KB uang pangkal 15 jt. Uang kegiatan 1.6 jt/th. Uang buku n seragam 800.000 Uang sekolah 950.000/ bln.
TK uang pangkal 15 jt. Dll sama kaya msk KB.
SD uang pangkal 27.5 (lsg pingsan dengernya. Ga lanjutin nanya uang sekolah, kegiatan, dsb)

Kl hasil liat2 sih saint john ok bgt. Mulai dr gedung, fasilitas, cara pengajaran ( pk sistem point, bhs pengantar inggris), dsb. Cuma emang dr segi harga yahud bgt yaaaa….
Ya kl ada rejeki lebih mgkn nanti Mike bs msk situ deh.