The Secret

Kemaren gue sempet nonton DVD nya the secret. Itu sebenernya sih atas anjuran temen gue, krn ngeliat pengalaman gue di taon ini…. walah…

Anyway, the movie is great. sebenernya bukan movie kali yah, krn ini video utk self-improvement gitu. dan yg diajarin sebenernya bukan barang baru buat gue…. Continue reading


For Love or Money

For Love or Money was a reality show. I didnt have the chance to watch the entire season, though. I always find it funny… why would people have to choose between love and money? cant they have all?

That statement in the first paragraph was supposed to be published years ago. (I dont know if the show still exist on TV)…. But I still cannot answer the last sentence.

After few years, I have to agree to the producer. You do need to choose between love and money as you cannot have them both. or so that was from my observation. (It might change though)

People who choose love….. (I dont know if they really find love). They will end up with starting a family early on. They look happy, except that they dont have the money.

People who choose money…. (I dont know if the money they have now is enough). They will end up with good jobs, good lifestyle usually. They look extremely busy (or trying to keep on busy), and they are usually single.

So once again I have 2 options… For Love or Money