Location Location Location!!!

Those are the 3 major factor if you want to purchase a house (or a store or else). in my case now is  the house.

When my fiance bought me the house, he asked me where i want to live. but at that time, i thought distance is not a problem. but now… the fact that the house is 80 km far from my office….. ooohhh thinking about it makes me dizzy. If I still work in the same place by the time I moved there, everyday I have to travel 160 km. (thats like going to bandung???)

Now I have 2 options. move the house…. or move the office…. either one has a lot of consequences…. Oh Help me God.


Cari kos

Hi teman2,

mohon bantuan nya dong kl ada info2. saya lg cari kos nih. kl bisa di daerah palmerah/ks tubun/senayan/arah ke binus jg boleh. syaratnya dpt cuci gosok, trus kl bisa disediain kipas angin/exhaust fan/AC.

budget masih sekitar 700rb. mudah2an gak over budget.

tolong yg punya info bisa di post comment ke sini yah. atau lebih bagus lg kl yg pemilik kos sendiri hehehe… 🙂 Thank you.

10 years ago…

Looking back… I don’t want to see a flashback of what happens in 2009 only. I want to see a bigger picture now. Let’s go back to 10 years ago.

10 years ago…. was the year of 1999. back then I was still in college taking my bachelor degree. I had my first job and my first salary. I had no bf. I wasn’t close to God. I was a perfectionist and pure cholerics.

Comparing my achievement in 10 years time… I think I’ve done a great job.

My salary jumps 100 times in 10 years. The fact that I graduated from my bachelor and my master degree has some influence to that.

At that time my life revolved around study and work, absolutely no ME TIME. Being a pure choleric, I didn’t see why I need other people. I can live by myself, do everything by myself.

I always count on ME, instead of GOD. {God had to take the hard way to make me realized it. silly me.}

I loose weight in 10years time quite a lot. I change clothing sizes down.

What else? let me think about it and then post it later on.


reef under bunaken

reef under bunaken


Nice, isnt it? they say picture said a thousand words…. But seeing this picture is not even 10% of seeing it for real… so still reality is the best 🙂 . You cannot compare words to pictures to the real thing. God is so amazing that He can create lots of wonderful things for us to see, feel, touch, hear, etc.

For those who hasnt been to Bunaken, this place is recommended. You should try going there and see for yourselves.

another reef

another reef


picture-011.jpgpicture-002.jpgpicture-002.jpgpicture-002.jpgUdah masuk bulan February lagi… spt biasa curah hujan tambah tinggi….

Hari ini tgl 1 Feb. Hujan deras banget dari semalem…. gak berenti2… DI mana mana jalanan jadi MACET total. banyak yg banjir…. Mobil2 pun masuk ke jalur busway secara jalur itu lebih tinggi, tp tetep kena banjir juga sih…

Kelapa Gading juga ikutan kena banjir (lagi)…. ultah nih, soalnya taon lalu juga tgl segini banjirnya. jd udah bukan banjir 5 thnan, tp banjir tahunan nih…

Kantor gue kan sekarang di belakang sarinah, dulu gue pikir kl jalanan spt thamrin en sudirman gitu bebas banjir…. taunya…. coba lihat nih foto nya…

Rumah gue jg banjir… jd gue hrs ngungsi ke Cibubur… Tiap hari masih aja hujan terus. Kt nya sih kl hujan pas sincia itu bawa hoki. artinya taon ini bakalan banyak rejeki…. AMIN AMIN deh…

Positive Thinking

Following the advice from ‘The Secret’ , we should always feel positive everyday, therefore would create a positive energy towards our environment.

I know this morning I didn’t think positively. (Must be still thinking about the jerks. why should I bother anyway?) And I hit a motorcycle. This would be my first time of hitting someone/something as I only started driving my own car for less than a month.

Good thing GOD still protect me and the guy and his wife in the motorcycle. No wound, no damage or dented. The only problem was with my license plate. The plate was scribbled like a piece of paper, which is impossible because it is made of metal….. and so I still don’t know how that could happen. Anyway, I’m so grateful that God still protect me. Continue reading

Freedom from Busway

I think I should just write this one in Bahasa Indonesia… as the problem is specific to transportation in Jakarta.

gue tuh sebel banget ama busway dr pertama gue naik.. soalnya pas pertama kali gue naik busway, gue udah jatuh… tepat banget tuh kaki gue masuk di lobang antara busway dan halte nya. maklum deh soalnya kan di harmoni semua orang pengen buru2 apalagi antrian yg ke pulo gadung tuh kan panjaaaaaaaaang banget…. jd deh dorong2an…

eh, tp orang2 cuek aja tuh pas gue jatuh… gila yah, malah ada yg ngomel2 krn jalannya jd kehalang gue yg masih nyangkut…. untung ada 1 bapak yg bantuin gue berdiri… ya kaga tau sih tu bapak tulus apa cari2 kesempatan juga, tp wkt itu kaga kepikiran deh…. Continue reading