About ME

1024890m.jpgSo I should also write something about ME??? well, I am 27 y o female. living in Jakarta, Indonesia. Those who are not familiar with can check in google.

I am working in IT now…. previously i work in about all kinds of departments. Finance, Production, Marketing, PPIC, Outsourcing, IT…. and Teaching…. (I was an English Teacher for 4 years can you believe that???)

I graduated from my bachelor degree when I was 22 and my master degree when I was 25. Both in Jakarta.

Ok, what else about me…  I am still single (and proud about it) and looking. For those of you interested can try leaving a comment on any of my post which will deliver the message to my email address.

editted: I got married on my birthday in 2011.


9 thoughts on “About ME

  1. Anita, your face is older than your age,sueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Hi Anita,

    Just reading your blog by coincidence, initially i was looking for Devosi to St. Rafael 🙂
    You are still much younger than me, I’m 35 live in jkt, & also single but luckily no body notice that I’m 35 🙂
    Just keep on praying & believe that God will make everything beautiful in His time…not our time, Jesus Bless Us…

  3. Mohon infonya ttg day care di bunda dalima. Knp Mike anakmu pindah tempat? Apakah ada terjadi sesuatu yg negatif? Trims ya.. sy Christine, ibu dgn anak umur 14bulan..

    • Daycare di bunda dalima namanya wahana balita sehat. Ok bgt.
      Dulu saya pindah krn mencari sekolah saat anak saya umur 2 th 4 bln.
      Skrg saya mau blk lg ke wbs eeh, dia full… Terpaksa keliling hunting lg

  4. Dear Ci Anita… baru sadar klo kalimat pembuka di postingan saya awal tidak ada salam pembuka…maaf banget krn lg panik dan mgetiknya sambil di gojek.. blh ga sy tanya2 ttg daycare? Pin bb sy: 52671a4c. Aq jg tulis no wa di alamat website hehehehw….Thank you…

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