Thank You Lord (Michael’s 4th birthday)

When I woke up this morning, I watched my son sleeping next to me.
Thank You Lord, for giving me 4 wonderful years with him … And more years to come.
A small baby that I gave birth 4 years ago, is now a big boy. He can run, jump, fight, spell, even write & read his own name. He is toilet-trained and sometimes can eat by himself.
A lot of things have happened in 4 years.
He has gone to 5 different school: wbs, bido, step one, shalom, eye level.
The next chapter for him will be : having a brother. Yes, hopefully in 2 months time he will have a brother. He is so excited and keeps on asking when I will due.

I hope God will always look out for him, take good care of him anytime… anywhere…. Amin


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