Shalom House Care

*disclaimer: all information posted here is based on my personal experience. So it is very subjective. Other people might have different view.

A few months ago I saw a big banner in Nusaloka BSD. It says Shalom House Care: daycare and preschool. I was interested because of the name, so i tried asking more information and also visited the place on December 2015.

During the last week of Dec 2015, i wanted my son to have trial, but apparently it closed for about 2 weeks. So i got my son scheduled for trial at January 4, 2016.

After the trial, I decided to enroll my son in Shalom. The first day was OK. Only 4 children with 2 caregivers and 1 maid. I never knew there will be a lot of surprises in this daycare.

The next day, 7 new children came so all 11 children with 2 caregivers and 1 maid. My son started crying and refused to stay.

First surprise: Daycare fee increased more than 20%. Ok, i know new year means increased prices. But the increase is kind of high, especially because the fee is higher than other daycare in the area.

Second surprise: more new children enrolled. We were promised the ratio will be 1:3 for toddler and 1:2 for baby. But with more than 15 children (babies n toddlers) only 2 carregivers, 1 maid, 1 teacher and 1 manager. During the last week my son was there only 1 caregiver, 1 maid, 1 manager.

Third surprise: we were given a schedule on our first day. We expected the schedule was made to be followed. But i found out that the dinner is at 4 pm, and afternoon snack at 5 pm. Different to the schedule. The result is my son is hungry by the time we reached home every night.

Fourth surprise: the name is shalom. Obviously you expect something christian. And the policy also stated that they will teach in christian way. The surprise is the caregiver and maid are not christians. How do you expect them to teach in christian way?

Fifth surprise: the food. I know food is really based on people’s taste. But this one is not on the taste, as i have never tried on. But more on the nutrition and variety.
Having coco crunch for breakfast is ok for once in a while. Maybe once a month or once in 2 months. But 3 x in a week????
Fish is a good source of protein, but seriously 3-4x a week eating fish everyday for lunch and dinner? What happen to egg, tofu, tempe, chicken, beef, pork?

Sixth surprise: actually this should be the first one. The staff turnover is high. On the trial day, i was surprised because all of the caregiver are different to the ones i met the month before. And they admitted that they just started working for a week. All of the caregiver that worked the year before, resigned. Only the teacher and maid stayed. And during my son was there, one of the new caregiver quit before a month. There must be something fishy here.


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