School and Daycare

I know school and daycare are 2 different things. But for me, I really need for those 2 to be in the same place. My son is attending a preschool which also includes a daycare. But he is now at the last stage existing in the school. Pre kindergarten.
Yes, the preschool doesn’t have a kindergarten. So, I must start searching for his next education level.

Here are the list of school which includes daycare. I hope it will help some of you who read this.

1. Step One Preschool and Daycare
     The Green, BSD
2. B’kids early childhood center
     Kencana Loka, BSD
3. Sunny place schoolhouse
     Anggrek Loka, BSD
4. Chrysalis
      Gading Serpong
5. Nto , Gading Serpong
6. Nto, Pondok Jagung
7. JAC, kelapa gading
8. Popay montessori, kelapa gading

…. I will add some more later


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