Finding a good match pediatrician for my son

Finding a good match pediatrician is very hard. I have changed several times and still yet to find one for my son.

1. My son was born 3 years ago in st. Carolus salemba jakarta. When he was born, my ginecologist order for 1 pediatrician, but unfortunately she was out of town then. So he asked for dr Eveline instead.
Few days after he was born dr Eveline decided that he was yellowish and needed to be under the blue light.
After i have gone home with my son, dr eveline asked us to come again after 2 days. When we got back, she decided to put my son in NICU. Again with the yellowish symptoms. He stayed in NICU for more than a week. I wanted to cry everyday seeing helpless baby in an incubator with blue light and infussed.
Dr eveline asked us to come back in a week or so after we were discharged from the hospital. I didnt do so, and i changed doctor.

2. Dr. Abdul Latief, sp AK.
I’ve got a recommendation from a friend that his son is with this doctor. I decided to bring Mike to consult with him. When we saw him, he said mike was still yellowish (i got panicked, what if he is just the same). But no need to hospitalized. Just give him plenty of breastmilk and put him under the sun in the morning. Yippie…… like like this doctor.
I always bring Mike to see this doctor for vaccination.
When we moved from kelapa gading to serpong area, we cannot rely on the pediatrician which is  so far away. We can only go to dr Latief on weekend. This is where the journey starts.

3. Dr. Arum Gunarsih, spA
I got this doctor from the teacher in Mike’s previous daycare. She said this is the best doctor in the hospital (at that time there were 3 pediatrician in bunda dalima hospital. But now only 1, dr arum)
When Mike got food alergy, she prescribed a medicine and cured him in 2 days. Waaah … good good. But the 2nd and 3rd time we saw her, the medicine she prescribed cannot cure him. So we ended up going to dr Abdul latief again. Aaaargh…. need to find another doctor nearby.

4. Dr. M. Soejono
I got a recommendation from a colleague. This doctor is very very old. He retired from st. Carolus jkt.
He is a very good doctor. Every single time, his medicine can cure my son.
I thought i found the one….. but all good things come to an end. He stopped practicing. He said he was to old. So since Jan 2015, i have to find another one.

5. Dr. Johannes Ridwan, spA, Dpps
This is a kind of famous doctor. As you can read in female daily and other forum, a lot of moms adores him. It said he can cure repeatedly cough, etc.
I started to bring Mike to see him when he got cold n flu.
The first time was a charm. All went well. Although his medicines are extremely expensive.
The 2nd and 3rd time, my son did not cure and he advised me to hospitalized him.
Ok, because it was late at night and my son was having fever….. we decided to hospitalized him in Bethsaida hospital.
My son was discharged after 3 days. But the doctor prescribed a very very weird medicine. When i asked the nurse, she said the medicine in the prescription is very expensive ( total 1.8 million) and i can only buy them in Bethsaida or Clinic icon because dr Jo has an agreement with the manufacturing, and have the medicine only sold in where he practices.
I got really suspicious….
And…. the medicine is for 1 month.
He said before if i put my son hospitalized he can be cured in 2 days. Now he gave 1 month medicine????
I decided never coming back to see him anymore.

6. Dr. Pingkan Palilingan, spA
She was recommended by dr. Abdul Latief. I had several bad experirnce in eka hospital, so kind of reluctant to try. But seems like I dont have any choice.
After we register, the nurse must measure my son’s height, weight and temperature. OMG…. the queue is such a mess. And all sick children lying / running around. Such an ugly view.
There is only 1 nurse to do the measurement for all pediatrician. I count around 5 pediatricians at the same time. No wonder soooo crowded.
But the doctor was very nice. (All 1st timer was a charm). She asked us a few questions, and read all the test results from Bethsaida hospital. Then she checked on my son.
According to her, my son’s illness is not serious and no need to be hospitalized. And certainly no need to use the 1 month expensive medicine prescribed.
Oooh i like her….
She gave another prescription for my son. And asked to stop the medication before.
I hope i dont need to find another doctor.


2 thoughts on “Finding a good match pediatrician for my son

  1. Hai, if u still searching for a pediatrician, i would love to recommend my pediatrician who never gave my daughter any medicine for cough & flu so far, she is very helpful with so many information about kid’s health & home treatment, she always uses WHO reference, her name is Dr. Endah Citraresmi in Kemang Medical Care (KMC), has schedule on Saturday also.
    I hope this info can help you.


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