Hunting school phase 2

Setelah sibuk hunting school phase 1, dan milih Step One preschool & daycare, skrg mulai lg hunting school phase 2.

No, nothing is wrong with step one. In fact, my son really loves going to school every morning. Sometimes he even wants to go to school on weekends.

Why would i start hunting again?
Well, the first reason would be…… because step one doesnt have kindergarten or primary school. So I need another place for my son to continue later on.

Here is the list of school which i have visited (during open house or exhibition). The fee is for kindergarten/primary school for school year 2015-2016:

1. Saint John BSD Kindergarten
Registration: 15 mio
School fee: 1.650.000 (monthly)

2. Stella Maris Intl Gading Serpong Kindergarten
Registration: 17 mio
School fee: 1.850.000

3. St. Laurentia Alam Sutera
Reg: 25 mio
Reg: 18 mio
School fee: 2.3 mio (monthly)
Reg: 45 mio
School fee: 2.8 mio

4. Pahoa Gading Serpong Kindergarten
Reg: 14 mio
School fee: 1.7 mio (monthly)
Yearly: 1.4 mio

5. Ipeka plus BSD Kindergarten
Reg: 20 mio
School fee : 1.845.000
Reg: 30 mio
School fee: 2.4 mio

6. Anderson school BSD
Admission : 2.5 mio
School fee : 550
Reg: 5 mio
School fee: 600
Reg: 12.5 mio
School fee: 700

7. Jakarta Nanyang School BSD
Reg: 1 mio
School fee 2.450.000/ monthly
Dev fee: around 32 mio per year
School fee: 3 mio/monthly

Next school to visit:
Binus intl school
Sophos school


13 thoughts on “Hunting school phase 2

  1. hi bu anita, anak ibu yg di anderson boleh diberikan sedikit testimoni nya…..karena saya lumayan penasaran dgn sekolah anderson untuk persiapan primary buat anak. thanks

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