Accidents do happen

Every morning Mike goes to school happily. There is no rejection every time I ask him to go to school in the morning.
All I have to say “Michael mau sekolah?”and he replies “mau”.
One fine evening, after finished working, I went to his school to pick him up. There was no worry, no clue of what has just happened.
When i enter the school, i can hear someone is crying. And…. turns out it is my son. My precious little angel is crying out loud. What could have happened?

The nurses &teachers explained what had just happened. My son was playing with Farah near the door. Even though they asked them not to play with doors…. and when the door was shut, my son’s hand was there. OMG!

Good thing no broken bones. Only  bruishes and cut on his left fingers.

At the car going home he is extremely quiet. Soooo different, usually he is so cheerfull and talkative.

At home, we talk about playing with doors and how it is dangerous for toddlers. He seems to understand it. And then my hubby put trombophob on his wounded fingers.


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