How to get your baby to drink from a bottle?

well, skrg jdnya gak berurutan deh ceritanya. tp gpp deh nanti gue baru ngisi lagi missing link nya.

Mike is 4 months old now. for the first 2 months, he only drank straight from my breast.  I was afraid that he prefers the bottle over me. After the first 2 months, we tried offering him a bottle. The first bottle was baby huki for newborn 60 ml. He seemed okay with it. so i thought i could leave him with my mom when i return to work.

When mike turned 3 months old, i must return to work. He liked drinking from his bottle for the first 2 weeks, but 60 ml was not enough for him anymore. So i changed the bottle into 120 ml. this was when the story began.

Using the 120 ml bottle, mike liked playing with it. he did not finish the milk, instead he just played with it for hours before finishing it. sometimes it made the bottle leaked and the milk poured onto his shirt. My dad bought him a new nipple, size M thinking that the S size might be too small for him. He liked it for few days… but then started playing with it again.

I tried changing the nipple into pigeon peristaltic. He drank the milk, but I couldn’t say that he liked it.

during the lebaran season, my husband and I were the ones taking care of Mike. We tried all kinds of bottles and nipples: puku, pigeon peristaltic, pigeon silicon, pigeon size L, baby huki on puku bottle. My husband even bought a new pigeon glass bottle. but Mike seemed rejecting everything.

Yesterday was a disaster. Mike refused to drink at all… We really don’t know whether it was the bottle, the nipple, the milk, or the temperature. Or perhaps Mike was just full…. From 7am to 1 pm, he drank only 190 ml. totally impossible. I was at work, my husband was devastated and called me up to come home. but he cancelled when Mike started taking a little zip.

When I got home from work, i offered him my breast, and he sucked vigorously. OMG so he was hungry the entire day…

Then I tried offering him with his old favourite bottle. the small newborn baby huki 60 ml. He drank the 60 ml all the way.

today, i still dont know what will happen to mike and my husband. I hope Mike will drink the expressed breast milk from the bottle.


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