Questions to ask before married

Being in love is wonderful. There’s nothing like it. But when it comes to start making decisions about commitment, sometimes you have to follow your head, not only your heart. With over 33% divorce rate in the United States, and over 50% infidelity rate, it’s imperative that you know if he is the one for you, or that what your heart is telling you won’t survive the test of time.

Before you rush into a commitment which may end in disaster, you need to make sure that your man and yourself share similar views about the important aspects of life and marriage.

Here are some things you have to find out what he thinks about before making a commitment:

1. Children – How many does he want to have, who will take care of them, where will they go to school, etc.

2. Religion – Does he believe in God, is he practicing some sort of religion, does he respect your views on religion and God, what religious upbringing will your children receive, etc.

3. Your career – Does he expect you be to a housewife or will you work, does he support your career, is he alright with the possibility that you may be more successful than him, etc.

4. Money – Does he plan to support you, what are his career prospects, does he plan to start his own business, how does he view work, etc.

5. Marriage – Does he believe in marriage, how does he view infidelity, etc.

There are a great deal more questions that you need to ask before making a commitment, but these 5 topics are the most important and a great place to start. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s much better to find out things soon, than have a divorce later.


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