Love is a decision?

I might have written something similar last year. But I’m sure it would be different.

So far as I can remember, if I wrote an article with the same subject last year, then there will be no question mark at the end. it would be an exclamation mark. Why?? well, simply because I believed so, and I lived by it every single day.

But now… I don’t think that sentence is 100% accurate. I’ve been in a difficult situation before, where I did decide to love someone… but eventually I had to take that decision back. turns out you really need the LOVE, not just a rationale decision.

When it comes to marriage….  do you decide to love? or do you decide to be happy? which one is more important?


2 thoughts on “Love is a decision?

  1. Well, when it comes to marriage, I’ll decide to love that person and stick with him for the rest of my life simply because I’ve made up my mind. The reason is becoz I’m sure I can be happy with him and he can be happy with me. I won’t get married if I’m not sure he’s happy with me and can accept me just the way I am, yes including my weaknesses.

    • hmm… the part “I won’t get married if I’m not sure he’s happy with me ” is what makes things complicated. if you do decide to love…. will it make you compromise for your principles? or you expect things will run smoothly once you decide to love?

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