How to increase your love with feng shui

Feng Shui does not solve all of problems in life, but it does help to make your life better by opening yourself to solutions. When it comes to understanding how Feng Shui works, imagine that all of life energy is a river.

If this river can not flow properly, you would not have the ability to receive any good energy, and the bad energy will overwhelm your life. By changing a few things in your home, you can open yourself up to good energy and to all of the wonderful things that life has to offer. You can easily Feng Shui your home to make it more accepting to love and a good marriage.

1) Cleaning Out The Old Stuff

Whenever you are choosing to Feng Shui your home, the clutter in your life must go. Clutter is like a dam, in that it stops good energy from flowing correctly.

And you may not even realize it, but you probably have something in your home that belongs to an ex. It might be your ex, it might be the ex of your partner, but any item that you have that belongs to an ex in your home generates negative energy.

Get rid of it! It does not matter if it is a photo or a television, it has to go. Also, make sure that anything that is broken in your home gets fixed. Broken items can be related to a broken relationship and should not be in your home.

2) Getting It Right In The Bedroom

The right bed is very important to your relationship. A bed is not only where you sleep and rest, but also where you connect with your partner on an intimate level. Make sure that you are NOT sleeping under any beams or ceiling lamps because all these create an invisible pressure on your head. If you are in a king sized bed, you would not be able to connect as well with your partner.

You also need to make sure that your feet do not face the door, and that there are no mirrors resting on either side of your bed. If there is a cupboard or a beam above your bed, cover it with cloth.

If you have a bathroom attached to your bedroom, make sure that the door is closed. While water is good for financial gain, it is horrible for marriages and relationships so always keep the lid down and always shut the door. Here is one good feng shui tip for you too. Do NOT keep any aquariums or water features in your bedroom!

Also, make sure that you get rid of the television in your bedroom. The television keeps you awake and also keeps you from focusing on each other. There are some feng shui schools which teach that if you have a reflective TV in the bedroom, both of the images of yourself and your lover will be reflected on the screen and this has the potential to attract third parties into your life! If you have to have a television in your bedroom, it is best to keep it in an armoire. When you are not watching it, make sure you close the armoire, or cover your TV with a clean cloth.

3) Greenery

Flowers are wonderful, not just for smelling and to get yourself out of the doghouse, but in Feng Shui as well. If you can, place fresh flowers in the southwest corner of your home as often as you can.

You can also use silk or artificial flowers. Dried and dead flowers should be kept out of your home. They have a negative influence and will cause problems to happen in your marriage. If you place a cactus or a thorny plant in your home, arguments are likely to start amongst you and your husband. Big green plants with big leaves, however, are perfect to put around the home.

4) Pairs

If you want to make your marriage strong, make sure that you have pairs around the house. If you have photos or paintings, make sure that there are two people in it. If you have one side table, you should have two. If you have pillows on your couch, make sure that there are in pairs.

5) Colors

Colors are very important in Feng Shui. If you want to keep your marriage strong, go for romantic-type colors. For instance, pink is a very popular romantic color and will serve you well no matter what room you put it in, but especially in the bedroom. Red can be good if you are looking for sexual romance in your relationship. Avoid black and green as well.


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