2010 Resolution

Usually I make Christmas Resolution each year, and then renew it for Birthday Resolution. But this time I make New Year Resolution instead. I think it is the same thing, just that I was still in the progress of processing my resolution on Christmas day.

I have changed a lot of my resolutions now. instead of pursuing the old stuffs from last year, I made some new ones. I will put the remaining as a note and see if they can be achieved this year.

1. Spiritual growth: read bible everyday and pray constantly

2. Career growth: personal development and salary above ***

3. Physical: more exercise and regular diet

4. Debt free: pay all mortgage / loans

Aside from the 4 points, I need to point out the note as an affirmation. I know I can’t put it as a resolution, because it would be too idealistic to want it in 2010.

Affirmation: I’m married to a single, loyal, caring, catholic, good looking, successful man.


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