10 years ago…

Looking back… I don’t want to see a flashback of what happens in 2009 only. I want to see a bigger picture now. Let’s go back to 10 years ago.

10 years ago…. was the year of 1999. back then I was still in college taking my bachelor degree. I had my first job and my first salary. I had no bf. I wasn’t close to God. I was a perfectionist and pure cholerics.

Comparing my achievement in 10 years time… I think I’ve done a great job.

My salary jumps 100 times in 10 years. The fact that I graduated from my bachelor and my master degree has some influence to that.

At that time my life revolved around study and work, absolutely no ME TIME. Being a pure choleric, I didn’t see why I need other people. I can live by myself, do everything by myself.

I always count on ME, instead of GOD. {God had to take the hard way to make me realized it. silly me.}

I loose weight in 10years time quite a lot. I change clothing sizes down.

What else? let me think about it and then post it later on.


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