The difference between choleric and non-committed person

Being a choleric, I can always sense another choleric. even when we are not too close to one another. it is like knowing your own kind. my first bf was choleric, my second one was choleric. and guess what…. the third one was also choleric. hahaha…. talk about co-incidence or meant to be?

one of the signs that i thought was choleric standard type was jumping from one job to another. (considering that was what I did) It also what my 1st and 2nd bf do. they cannot stay working in 1 company for a long time. always in search for a better and better offer.

One of my colleagues back in 2005 was also a choleric. but he stayed in the previous company for 3 years, resigned because he wanted to convert to entrepreneur but failed, and now working for more than 6 years in the current company. is he less choleric than both of my exes? NO. in fact now I realized that it doesn’t have anything to do with being choleric.

when I met my current bf, I didnt see him as choleric type because he has been working for the same company for 4 years. what I didnt catch at that time was the position. the first time he joined the company he was just a staff, and then promoted to coordinator, asst manager, and now dept head. and up to now, he didnt see the need to look for better offer outside the company.

The same thing happened to my colleague. the first time I knew him, he was the production manager in that company, and now he is the COO.

another one, this is different sampling as she is female. my friend was working for 7 years for the same company with last position as Brand Manager, and then resigned to continue her studies abroad. and she is the most choleric person ever.

what is the common thing with these 3 people? they are not affraid of commitment.

Choleric people do stay and commit. they don’t jump around. those who jumps around are non-committed person, despite of their personality is choleric or not.


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