How to Know if He Is Your Soulmate

Most people long to find that person, that represents someone other then themselves, and they usually find someone opposite to who they are or just someone that has things in common with them. They find themselves complaining and asking questions, wondering if they will ever find someone that’s perfect for them.

  1. If they are someone that finishes off every line or sentence you say that is a very quick sign to identify, that they are your soulmate. This usually could take place when you have your first phone conversation, or if you are on your first few dates with them. Although you wont really think much of it, as it’s only just the beginning of getting to know each other.
  2. If they like all the things your really into, they could just be the one and share similar interest that you have. This is a positive thing.
  3. Often times when you have bad day, and you don’t want him/her to know how bad your feeling, because you feel you might put them down, don’t be surprised if they know something’s wrong.
  4. The only people that know when there is something wrong with you, or your not in your right state of mind e.g.: your significant other can pick up on it, and that is the only person that really cares enough about you that way to know you. This is a very sure definite sign that they are truly your soul mate. You cannot go wrong with that one.


  • Spend more and more time with them to be sure, as when you go on other dates with other people, you can compare what they don’t have to that soulmate
  • Find out what you like about them.
  • Always give eye contact
  • Let your special silent moments, wiss away with silence you never know what might be said or thought
  • Give them time to realize that you are their soulmate too
  • If he/she does not mention anything within a decent amount of time, then be the one to bring it up.
  • Make sure you’re in a place comfortable, and that you’re alone together to speak about how you feel for them.



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