2009 Resolution

Now is almost the end of November 2009. That means I only have another month to fulfill my 2009 resolution. Let’s review them now:

1. Get married

I almost got this one done…. but things just didn’t work out between us, and I don’t see why I need to get married to the wrong guy for the sake of my resolution. (and then feel misserable for the rest of my life)

2. Salary above ***

I don’t move to another company or get any promotion this year. (all in the sake of love… hahaha…) I had another offer which if I took it, then this point will be done. but at that time, my priority in life changes.

3. Reduce Weight

Finally…. something I managed to accomplish. so far I lost more than enough. I’m not sure how… maybe the stress or the food or the will.. hehe 🙂

4. Start building my own business

Hmm… like I said my priority in life has changed. I dont want to fulfill this one anymore. I’m not sure why I put it last year.

Hmm… let’s see the result. 1 out of 4 is not a good one. I don’t know why I fail reaching my own resolution for this year. I need to focus more next time to achieve it. (can I achieve it in 1 month?)

I’m in the progress of planning my 2010 resolution.


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