Mr Perfect’s flaws

I told you before that nobody is perfect. And it is true…

Yesterday I had a really really hard and serious conversation with Mr Perfect. I was telling him about my failure wedding plan. I figured since I wanted to start a serious relationship, he need to know all about it.

He listened attentively and responded calmly. no biggies there. But then it was his turn. His story is far more shocking than mine.

Here we go…..

His past relationship was going too far, and he had almost had a child from her. She was pregnant in 2006, and that was why they were going to get married. [ooh… as much as I wanted to look cool on the surface, but deep inside it was really really hard to deal with]. But they lost the baby on the first trimester. and they kept on quarelling after that.  the next half year they were still together and seeing counseling for their problem. But it still didnt work out. they broke up mid 2007, leaving him with a big wound in his heart. the scar remained for the next year, so he was traumatized to start a new relationship with another girl.

That was his turning point. He decided to change himself and follow Jesus. He started to go to morning mass daily, join the Praise and Worship, read the Bible everyday.

ok so both of us had scars in our heart. and we were not planning to have one again. so we really wanted to make this one to work out. we realized that it needs 2 persons to fight for a relationship together. not just 1.


3 thoughts on “Mr Perfect’s flaws

  1. nobody’s perfect…. he has made mistakes, but there’s always a second chance if you think he deserves it…. let God guide your relationship, good luck, gal!

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