Do you want to be with Mr Perfect?

There is an old proverb saying “Nobody is perfect”, and it is true. everybody must have something, any…. flaws.

I’ve met some people in my life who can be categorized as Mr Perfect. one of them is Mr Perfect 2 (I wrote about him down there…. the post before this one).

The question is now….. Do I want to be with Mr Perfect….. forever? The forever part would be just an exclamation as forever is a really heavy word. You can never really predict that you will be with someone forever, not untill you say “I DO” in front of the altar. I know this because it happens to me not so long ago. but anyway, those are in the past and we need to move on.

Mr Perfect seems just too perfect. too good to be true. Sometimes I keep on wondering where is he hiding all this time? Why didnt I meet him few years back…. saving me from all the troubles and heartache. But those are the mistery of life. God has created everything even before I was born. so well… I have to thank Him for everything.

Now… back to the real question. Do I want to be with Mr Perfect? He offered me everything I could never dream of. He wanted me to meet his family and relatives. Oh, this is definately a good sign. But again, we stumbled upon the same original question. Do I want to be with him? I mean it is logicaly correct. why would I (or he) want to waste more money and time if we are going no where?

Midnight last night…. he gave a sermon on the phone… to me…. I felt soooo unreligious… hahaha…. but maybe it is true. I havent surrender all my decision to God.


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