This poem is taken from a song

Are you a man who loves and cherishes and cares for me?

Are you a guard in prison maximum security?

Do you stay home all the time beacuse you want me to yourself?

Or do you stay locked away in fear I’ll find someone else?

Is this a relationship
Forfilling your needs as well as mine?
Is that you? Is that you? Is that you?
Or is this just my sentence
Am I doin time?
Is this love real real love
Then stayin lowdown
But if im just love perisoner
Then im bustin out

Boy you auta be ashamed of yourself
What the hell do you think your doing
Lovin me, lovin me so wrong
Baby all I do is try
To show you that your mine
One and only guy
No matter who may come along
Open your eyes cause baby I don’t like

Well I don’t like
Livin under your spotlight

Just because you think I might
Find sombody worthy

I don’t like
And I don’t
Livin under your spotlight

Maybe if you treat me right

You won’t have to worry


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