Financial Issue

I know that financial issue is very delicate. But I never realize before that it would come up to this point.

The first time I encounter this problem was when the marriage plan was started. The whole financial thing was not a huge issue for my partner, but it is to me. I think it has something to do with the principle… hehe 🙂

My principle is not something I come up with. but based on my religion. before we can get married, we should attend this marriage preparation course. in that course, we were taught to have a single account for all the expenses and the wife should be the financial planner. Of course, it can be replaced if the wife is not capable to do financial planning.

The problem that we encounter ever since that my partner refuse the method. he prefers to have his own money (for things he wants to buy without my consent). I think it is against the “single account for all expenses” thing.

We haven’t deal on this matter yet. I hope God will help me.


3 thoughts on “Financial Issue

  1. Hello Anita,

    To be honest the way you write down the single account issue being problematic me AND my wife are wondering. Why is it THAT important to you to have control over the finances of both you and your future hubby?

    Sounds to us like you are not planning to work and control (read: spend) your hubby’s income.

    Trust is the issue here. If you say you you want a single account for all expenses then have a private account each and an additional single account for all expenses. You and your hubby can put in money on a monthly basis.

    Problem solved.

    • Hi DeShawn,
      thanks for your comment.
      the problem is not that simple. my future hubby wants me to send all (100%) of my salary to him. he doesn’t want me to spend anything. not even for investment or saving.
      I dont know if I wanna marry him now.

  2. hei, we have a common issue here… :p I Prefer to have my own independency on my expenses. How could i suprise my future-wife, by giving her a diamond ring? i not fun if she knows everything, rite? ^_^

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