House Hunting

What is the main element of a home?

A family….

Yup, I think no matter how huge, how expensive, how beautiful a house is, without the main element…. would feel empty and useless. On the other hand, when you have a great family bond inside a house, then the house would feel homey.

I am looking for a house now, but I think I prefer a home rather than a house. The building itself can be in any forms, but the main element must remain in it.

I don’t want to live in a huge house alone, or even worse I might not have the time to spend in the huge house because I would be too busy working up my ass up and down trying to pay the mortgage.

I know everyone loves seeing a nice big house with classic/minimalist style especially if it is located in a public-seeing area. But beyond that… do you really need all that attention? Do you really need that pride?


2 thoughts on “House Hunting

  1. I echo those sentiments for sure. In a society where there is constant pressure to go bigger, it is now clear what the pitfalls are. If this economic crisis can do anything good, it would be to have more people think the way you do. Sadly enough, that may still not be enough.

  2. @ experience aurie: thx for visiting my blog. My way of thinking is not always right. Some people like it, and some others dont. Just like you said, more people have different thought than me. How about yourself? 🙂

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