Single and Fabulous

who says being single sucks? Just like the title above, I think being single is just fantastic. There are some things you can do ONLY when you are single.

It doesn’t mean that I prefer to be single…. There are pros and cons to which is preferable. I will create another post on that one.

But now, let’s talk about being single and the advantages. When you are single, you are free to date any types of male – no strings attached. If you dont like how he eats, or how he drives, or any other annoying habits, you can dump him the next time he asks you out. If he insults you in any kind of words -whether he meant to or not- you can yell at him or just dump him and save the trouble.

When you are single you have 24 x 7 to spend by yourself. you can use that time to work, to have fun, or just sleeping in your cozy bed. you can organize your time by yourself, making plans and all without worrying other people conflict of interest.

when you are single, you can splurge yourself. buy expensive things you dont need – just to prove to the world that you can afford it, eat steak (or any other food) every weekend, hang out in expensive cafe just to kill time, talk with your girl friends about guys and guys and guys until you fed up, watch chich movies till you cry, spa once in a while.

How about the downside? obviously you dont have someone to talk to in good times and bad times. (your girls only for good times… in bad times, only true friends stay. but bf will stay throughout all times). You also feel lonely sometimes when you see couples.
And obviously it would be difficult for you to have a child (or children).

so… which one do you prefer? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Single and Fabulous

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  2. Yeah, true… being single is not sooo bad… but being attached to someone u love could be enjoyable as well.. let’s say sharing ups and downs with him, raising kids together hehe
    But only until your heart feels he’s the rite one (don’t ask how, you’re the one who know), just be a single and happy person 😉 cheers

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