Preparing for your wedding

Ok, what you need to prepare to have a wedding. The most important part is…. a partner. Yes, I’m not kidding here. You cannot get married all by yourself.

Next step, the venue. I’ve been looking for some places nearby my place. But sometimes, you also need to see a bigger picture here. There are soo many other places out there…. better and cheaper.

==> candidates:

  • KKG (Kelapa Gading Sport Club): top of mind for all gadingers hehe (fully booked for oct-nov 2009)
  • Royalle Ballroom (Sport Mall) : the ceiling is not too high, some bad comments/review, but still in gading area. (fully booked for dec 2009 exept 20 and 27 night) -> should try test food
  • Wisma Antara : location wise = perfect, financially wise = great, the ceiling is high enough, the decor is good, the food (???) haven’t tried the catering mentioned in the package. (fully booked for dec 2009 night and end of Jan 2010)
  • Pulomas Function Hall : pulomas is near kelapa gading, the venue is ok, the food is excellent (only 1 test food, hopefully it represents the real thing)

Next, the gown/bridal… uuh this is difficult… Should I look for the right dress or the prefect make up? or the great package? or all of the above? hehehe…. so many options 🙂

==> review:

  • C : great dress, good make up, the photo is so so but enough
  • J: great photo, lauzy make up, poor dress
  • N: great dress-some, great photo, good make up, but expensive
  • T: great dress-1 only, great photo (associate), so so make up
  • K: good dress, good make up, perfect price, the photo is so so but enough

New update: Maybe I dont need the bridal or the venue, as I won’t seem to be having my marriage in Jakarta. In 1 side:  it’s a relief, no need to worry about the hectic or the budget. on the other side: I won’t have any memories with my friends on my wedding day. (who cares???)

{to be continued}


2 thoughts on “Preparing for your wedding

  1. Hmm..
    ternyata beneran serius lagi nyiapin wedding ya sis?
    hehehe, glad to hear that..
    met persiapan ya,ingat-ingat jangan sampe gak ikutan kelas pembinaan pra nikah, that the most important seed for your married 🙂

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