What do people do when they are in a relationship?

Ooh let me call back my old memories… Fighting, crying, calling, texting, missing, etc..

But how about other people? they seem like having a great time together.

Maybe because mine was LDR, so it was impossible to spend lots of time together.

That was the old one. How about the one now?

Well…. errr…. nothing


Nothing, none, nada, zip, zero…

What? Is nothing better than fighting?

err… I would have to get back to you on that….

Which one is better, dating or in relationship?

err… I would have to answer dating, as the expectation would be lower. I have high expectation when it comes to relationship, but seems only in my dreams.

Do you have the passion, spirit and the right response?

Of course… but it takes two to tango.


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