This is the magic number. Well, for some people it is just a date. For chinese people it is a good date, the chinese new year. The start of year of the ox.

But for me it is completely different. It is a magic date, where my partner finally realized the C word.

Do I feel happy and excited? Happy …. I guess everybody would feel happy being in a relationship, especially when it was the moment that has been waiting for ages. But excited? I dont feel the excitment… Maybe because it has been too long or maybe because I was actually thinking of walking away from this “going nowhere” relationship.

What is it with people and relationship status?? (oh let me write another post for this one)…. action speaks louder than words. status is not the issue… but the relation deep inside what counts

I dont know why it took me a long time to finish this writing and finally publish it…..


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