TOMC stands for Teawalk, Outbound and Mini Camp. The event was held last weekend. December 6 to 8,2008.

Ougway in 2nd post

Ougway in 2nd post

My group was called Ougway. Do you know what kind of animal that is???

At first none of us knew… we were completely blank when we had to come up with jingle.

Turned out, Ougway was the name of character in Kungfu Panda movie. He is the wise turtle, Po’s master. Since then, we use the turtle motto. Slowly but sure. hahahaha

We ended up to be the last team to arrive in 2nd post. (actually in all the posts because we were lost before the 1st post, but still manage to get there the same time as Tiggress)

The Teawalk was fun. Most of the members have something in common. That is their target within 1 to 2 years…. to get married.

Is marriage a really difficult thing to do nowadays? Why would more than 100 singles who want to get married need to gather around for camping like this?


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