Happy Memory Serum

What is happy memory serum? I just got the term this morning when i listened to my fave radio station cosmo fm while driving to work.

Each of us has experienced boring moments….. that is when you feel like nothing will get better, nothing is getting better, and things just paused or moved in slow motion. Usually during this moment, there are several things to do. (it depends on the person’s characteristics). As for me, i would look for other opportunities to get away, another better chances. as for others, some might like it, or play with it, or just enjoy the ride.
Whatever the action is, there must be an effect behind it. That is why we need happy memory serum. This is the memories we have from the past. Happy ones, of course.

when we inject the serum or play the happy memory we have …. we can feel happy (if not happier) for our condition. and hopefully it will calm down the boredom. we can realize the first objectives why we are in that position.

You can apply it in all conditions: works, relationships (friendship, dating, marriage), etc. 🙂


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