Settle down for a job?


Have any of you read my page on Career Development?

I kind of tired of jumping from one job to another,  but turns out God thinks it is not my time to settle down for this job.
My office will move from Sabang to BSD City, right next to Ocean Park, nearby SGU (Swiss German University).
OMG… that is very very far…. I mean I live in Kelapa gading, that is the north part of Jakarta…. and this new place is outside Jakarta (south-west from Jakarta).
I was wondering if I should find another job? or just stick around?
My motivation to work here is to earn money, but now all the money will go right down to the petrole station. or if i do decide to move somewhere near my new office, then the money will go to the landlord.
From the financial side, it would be better for me to find another job nearer to my place (even with slightly lower income)
Another point of view…. I would be far from my loved ones… Spending times with your loved ones is precious and valuable, cannot measure the value by money.
So how? should I find another job? or should I just quit working and try my own business? 🙂

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