My 2008 Resolutions…

My 2008 resolutions are here…. you can check it out:

Now I only have 2 more months to accomplish them. Let’s see how well I did (or didn’t?)

1. Get Married
This one is the hardest one of all the resolutions…
Maybe it is because I am a female, and in the asian culture, females are supposed to “wait” and not agressively searching. (is it really?). And now I can’t really say I am getting married, as I am not even in a relationship… (wait, i saw you nodding… sounds familiar?)…. Can I manage to get this one???

2. Travelling out with family
Kind of difficult to do as all of us are busy at work. But somehow I still feel that this one is an easy task. I will try to meet the target before the end of this year

3. Reduce Weight

Phewww… Finaly I have one task where I’ve accomplished. I reduced 2 kg weight, and 2-3 inches waist line.
You can check out my page called “Dietary Diary”. 🙂


3 thoughts on “My 2008 Resolutions…

  1. Hi Anita. I just came across this amazing concept that shows our New Year’s Resolutions should really be made on our personal birthdates. They are the spring time of our personal lives. It sounds to me like you are working with your body energy that I posted on Love My Journey at You might want to also check out how to work with the emotional energy of the Moon at Blessings to you!

  2. @ sugardaddydating: haha… what a coincidence… how about my first one? or you’re married already?

    @sherrieh: thanks for your comment. I did that before, and some times I also make separate resolutions between the new year and the birthdates. 🙂

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