Weird Feeling

I really don’t know what this feeling is. Some people might call it love, it is the only thing that could make you feel happy and sad at the same time.

To me, love is not a feeling. feeling tends to come and go, but love shouldn’t. therefore I think Love is a choice. Once you decide, you should commit to your decision. {who am I talking about love, when I have never encounter the “LOVE” itself}

But right now, I am not so sure that I feel love. I know that this is the answer to my prayer. I know God has arranged for everything. I know I wanted to know the answer, I knew the risk of that knowledge, and I realized that I don’t own anyone. God is the owner to everyone. You cannot have another person. Even if you have some kind of relationship, it still doesnt count as “ownership”. You must let the other person go, set him/her free as he/she has a mind and will of his/her own.

Right now I dont feel empty inside. Instead I feel too full… overloaded… I dont know why.


2 thoughts on “Weird Feeling

  1. There was a time when I thought to myself I’ve found my soul mate. Time was perfect. The moment was right. But unfortunately, God has His own plan. He went that way, and I went this way. But it’s good for both of us.

    So today, it’s about time to bury that. I do believe that one day, You would find the answer, Anita. Btw does he know about you feeling?

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