Whats up lonely?

Blue, I’m gettin’ kinda close with you
Like a shadow I can’t lose
Pain, you’ve been hangin’ with me every day
Now you’re gettin’ in my way
I know you understand me
But don’t you think that maybe it’s time to move on?
What’s up, lonely?
Seems you’re my only
Friend who wants to share my pain
Tell me, heartache
What’s it gonna take
For you to leave me alone today?
Just when I think that you’re gone, yeah
You’re in the mirror, looking back at me
So what’s up, lonely?
Sometimes, I wish you weren’t by my side
Can’t you find another shoulder?
‘Cause I, I wanna leave this broken heart behind
We’re both wasting too much time
Find someone else to rain on
I’m really gettin’ tired of singing this song
So long

Don’t wanna give you a reason
To hang around anymore
You won’t be hurting my feelings
If you find another broken heart you can lean on

Gotta go, gotta move on


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