How to find someone special

These tips are taken from a seminar presented by Mr Hingdranata Nikolay. The post is very useful to me, and I just want to share with some of my readers or those who have any interest in it.

5 tips how to find someone special quickly:

  1. Decide to be HAPPY
  2. know what MATTERs MOST in a couple
  3. set TARGET to be a couple
  4. Make decision
  5. Commit to the decission or CHANGE it

Happiness is the internal representation of what we SEE, HEAR, FEEL. You dont need anyone else to make you happy, because you can decide that you want to be happy.

Your decission to pick someone to be your partner is based on your CHOICE and KNOWLEDGE at the time when you made that decission. But people, situation and other variable CHANGE! (You can change too)

There never is any law that says that your outer appearance will affect your love life. so whatever you look like, you know that you can find that someone special using the 5 tips above. Good luck 🙂


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