Get a guy to admit that he likes you

How to Get a Guy to Admit That He Likes You

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So, you’ve been seeing each other around for ages, chatting on IM and texting each other. You’ve shared laughs and warm moments together. Suddenly you realize that you have a strong feeling for him and you feel it is reciprocated. Just how do you get that guy to admit he likes you too? Read on for some hints.


  1. Make sure the field is clear first. Nothing more embarrassing than making a move only to discover that yes, he really likes you as a friend and he already has a girlfriend.
  2. Ask some questions. So you have found out that he is single and looking (or roaming). Be subtle now and try to edge some “alone” time together that is just between the two of you. Ask him how he feels about dating at the moment and if there is anyone he has in mind. Of course, the lead up is to ask “well, what about me?” but you have to be careful how you get there.
  3. Keep it light, breezy and fun. If it is going well at this point, you might want to tease him a bit. Humor is a good way to open a heart that is tilting towards you because it makes the two of you feel more comfortable. Just be careful it doesn’t make it seem like a joke, however, or you will not work out whether or not he is being serious.
  4. Get further advice. If you are still unsure, his friends can be a good source of information. get his number, Ask discreetly and with fairly open questions. Unless, of course, you’d like it to get back to him, which can be a good strategy in itself.
  5. Be patient. If he does like you, it will work itself out and he will let you know.
  6. Be bold and ask outright if time is moving on but nothing is happening. It may put him off guard and cause him to utter his undying devotion to you. If it is yes, you have won your heart’s desire. If it is no, at least you know and it is better knowing than to live in a self-constructed despair. At least then, you can begin to move on and stop fantasizing and wasting your time.


  • A good sign someone is attracted to you, is that they will talk to you a lot, perhaps even to the exclusion of others. This mainly works for people you just met; friends can be more difficult to figure out as ask for his email and birthday you can maybe get a email of his birthday to get him a gift on the day that a sexy beast was brought into the world. they may only talk to you because you are friends.


  • Some guys are flirts and will talk with you because they have nothing better to do.
  • Some guys aren’t great at picking up signs and may completely miss that you are not asking about their girlfriend status out of sheer curiosity.
  • Sometimes a guy just won’t like you, don’t push him to, you just have to let him go.
  • Don’t pull him over from his friends. You’ll seem pretty snobby. Just look for him when he’s already alone.
  • Some guys will like you but not want a girlfriend, so be prepared in case you get this answer.

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