Real Players

No, this is not about the software where you can play music or video with real type. So i’m sorry for those who are looking for that kind of article. this article is about relationship, or human interaction.

For some people who have read this entire blog, the word “player” might sound common already. Yes I admitted that I did meet people under that category. But you never know whether he is a real player or just seem to be one.

I broke up with S for some time now…. and I am soooo glad I made that decision. For the record, he is still begging for my love up to now. Just last week he told me that he was seeing this woman, going out for dinner and movies (sounds like typical date). And I thought I was the one who set him free, there is no reason for me to be upset about it. But yesterday…. I saw him with another gal…. wow! The gal, later on known having L initial, is a completely different person than the woman he was telling me about.

Not that I was jelous or anything (I am with someone too), but to me there is enough proof screaming that he is a Real Player…. Just like a kid winning a lottery, I was excited seeing what happened. He might be surprised seeing me there that day, but I don’t care. I was thankful that God has answered my pray fast.

Another real player story. click continue

He is Mr Perfecto. The most flawless man that ever colored a part of my life. He really knows how to treat ladies. very delicate indeed. It is in his blood. I almost thought he was born with it. subconciously he attracts ladies into his arms. 🙂

Proudly he claims that he never runs out of female to go out with… (maybe it is a track record for him?). But to me it was a reall sign screaming ” I AM A PLAYER”


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