The good guys are either taken or gay

This was something I believed long long time ago. If you ever read my page of “Looking for Mr. Right” then you might have stumbled upon the same sentence there.

some part of me still kept the same believe….. because most of the good guys I met IRL are married or gay. But there are small groups of men who are actually “good guys” and “single”. Most of them are perfectionist, and therefore hard for them to find Mrs. Right.

And so now I know that the other side of the bridge, there is also a believe that… “all the good gals are taken”.

Now I realize that being single is an option. People choose to be single, no matter if they are good or bad guys (or gals). I choose to be single right now, not that I want to be single forever. But I choose to be happy.

There are also some good guys I met recently, who choose to be single (I’m sure if they choose the opposite, the gals they picked would feel very fortunate). Will I be one of the very few fortunate gals?


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