It takes two to tango

In any kind of relationship whether it is friendship, partnership, courtship, or other ship (hehe)… it always takes two to tango. you cannot force someone to like you, be your friend, work with you, or love you…

In this complicated world, dont burden yourself to make everything to be perfect. In the terms of feeling, you cannot control the result, as the result depends on the other person. We can only control our own expectation towards the other person.

I am not just talking about love here, in any kinds of relationship it is always about feeling. If you dont feel the connection, then you are more likely shun the person. It is natural. If you force it, the end result might not be that good.

The feeling should be mutual, too. So if you do one fine day bump into the right person, but then the other person doesn’t feel it or have the willing to work his/her part of the relationship….. it is more likely that the relationship itself will never exist.

Don’t pout or even cry….. Face it with dignity….. And life goes on… after all, we are responsible for our own happiness.


2 thoughts on “It takes two to tango

  1. Very true. I am very inclined to believe you because you speak the truth, soft enough for others to hear and open their eyes to see.

    – Very good points!

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