You are responsible for your own happiness

Yes, you you you. Can you think of someone else who are more responsible than yourself for your own happiness?

Who knows what you want and what you need better than you? (I know for some religious persons will say “GOD”, and I do agree with you all… but this is other people we are talking about). Obviously you know better than anyone else.

There are more than one angle to see things. And how you see things will affect your happiness.

1. Measure your expectation. Is your expectation achievable?

2. Analyze your resources. Do you have the required resources to achieve it?

Once you can control both.. I believe you will live happy life :). good luck


6 thoughts on “You are responsible for your own happiness

  1. I just attended a training section title “Work Smart”, trainer said something similar,

    “You’re responsible to what you think”

    Yes, I agreed with him and agreed with you too. We are the one who should work hard for our happiness, to those who says GOD means they do not really understand well. GOD provide us safe and healthy life, with this we still have to find our happiness by ourselves. Doesn’t mean we protected by GOD, so we no need to work. They just mis-understand it.

    1st time at here. Nice blog you have~

  2. Wayne Dyer once said, “If you think that someone else is making you unhappy, let me treat them and see if that fixes them”.

    Yes, I am responsible for my own happiness. It is an inside job.

    It is something that I have to find within me, not outside.

    Life is as good as I allow it to be.

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