Praying time…

Last night I attended the Sunday holly mass in St. Yakobus church, actually nothing special it is the same church I always go to, as it is my parish. But at that time I went there alone. The “nothing special” thing turned out to be something special after all.

Driving, sitting down, kneeling, praying…. At some point I felt something…

I missed the feeling of having someone beside me. I hate loneliness.

And I did the whole thing just for one man who will never know my feelings. clearing up my schedule so when he finally calls I will be available… What kind of life is this? What if he never ever calls?

Where is my fabulous life?

During my praying time, it finally hit me…

He is not an idiot who doesnt know how to use cell phone

He is not too shy to ask me out

He is not too busy to squeeze me in between his appointments

He is just not into me (I should write it with more enhancement)


God doesnt create me to wait up for him or beg him for his love

Women are not created to do that!

I’ve been reading this book called “How to find your one true love” and it says there that I should go out and have a good time, a great single life instead of waiting around for someone to call (which he will if he really is into me). He would probably appreciate me more if he knew that my time is precious.


2 thoughts on “Praying time…

  1. Thanks for the compliment, but I think that is why they said love struck you unexpectedly.
    Don’t worry, enough is enough for me. I’m back to my fabulous life now…

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