Date or Soulmate?

You can date everyone, but you cannot compromise for soulmate?

Before you decide to date anyone exclusively, you can date everyone…. including those who will not pass your list. You are not looking for your soulmate yet. You are simply enjoying your single life.

But don’t get carried away. You must decide fast whether they can pass to the next level or not. it is best to cut all communication with those who cannot pass after 1st or 2nd date. (the sooner the better, it will hurt more if you let it go thru 3rd date)

Can we compromise? that is the big issue here…

There should be 2 lists. The first one is the “must”, and the second one is the “must not”. You should be careful in choosing what to put in your list. Once you put it there, that means it is something important, and you should make minimum compromise.


2 thoughts on “Date or Soulmate?

  1. Hi there,
    I am just one who seek everyday something that makes myself happy. I am not the one who believe in ‘soulmate’ or ‘true love’ anymore. It happen because I had once, I thought I had one true love until it shattered my life into pieces I have to gradually recollect again.
    I agree with one of your post about love is an unconditional state.
    It will finds you and not otherwise, and it is destiny. I think (IMHO), soulmate or not when it’s your destiny, you will be happy to accept that.

    I hope you’ll find finally your destiny, really do.

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