Finally this day arrived, the day that is believed by most chinese as the luckiest day ever…
Few years back I was planning to have something important for this “lucky” day; engagement, marriage, new place, new job, new car, new bf (?), anything to mark this lucky day as the most important date in my life. But unfortunately – like the old wise man said – “people can’t always get what they want”
I am single right now, so obviously can’t get engaged or married. I’m not in the process of purchasing new place or new car… and not under any interview process… which leaves this day is the same as any other day in my life. But who knows…. Keep the positive attitude. The day has just started, anything is possible. I still have more than 12 hours in this lucky day.
Different culture has different believes. The same date (today) doesn’t seem so lucky for singaporeans. You can see the wedding halls there. Nobody wants to get married today. This is because of the hungry ghost festival….

Some Chinese believe that the ghosts of their ancestors return to their houses at a certain time of the year, hungry and ready to eat.If a ghost passes on, but does not have enough food, water, shelter, etc., it will come back into the world of the living to feed on the living. They will scare you, and then they will feed on your energy and fear.



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