Love cannot be forced

I quote this title from a friend of mine… 🙂 But the sentence really really true.

Love should be sincere. It should be honest and straightforward. No force. No bowed to.

Love is as innocent as doves, you should love whole-heartedly.

if your love is only one-sided…. then you cannot force the other person to love you back just because you love him/her.

I quote a little part of poem from a friend….

So I guess I’ll just be admiring you from a distance
There are a lot of things I don’t understand
But one thing I know for sure
I may mean nothing to you
And no matter how stupid this feeling can get
I’m never ashamed to admit it’s true
Coz no matter how hopeless, no matter how painful
God knows I’m happy when I can feel LOVE

I know how it feels to love and I know how it feels to be loved.

But what I’m looking for now is mutual feeling… both-sided love which hopefully can lead to marriage


10 thoughts on “Love cannot be forced

  1. (I dedicate this poem only for Anita)

    Do I have to meet you
    At a time when I was alone?
    You help me in all my problems
    You act like a friend to me
    Do you have talk to me
    In such a pleasant voice
    & Listen to all my whines
    & Share my loneliness?

    Do you have to look at me
    With those eyes that seek my soul?

    Did I feel something?
    I fell in love with you.

    Did I ever love you
    I feel the loneliness
    Of wanting, waiting, longing for you
    Knowing you can never be mine…

  2. First @ marina: that is a very beautiful, but very relative poem with a lot of people. Not nessecarily women. But more so.

    Anita: That is true. Love is a natural phenomenon between two different humans. Nothing that is ever criticized by society is ever truly an issue: a belief, a religion, a race. Would that really stop you from loving the person you love? And what exactly determines if you love someone? That is another problem as well. People not being able to tell the difference between infatuation and love.

  3. @ marina: thx for the poem
    @ adsaige: that is sooo true. sometimes when you feel lust, you would mistakenly think that it is love. belief,religion, race cannot stop the love, but sometimes it can stop the marriage from happening.

  4. It was happened to me. I was forced to love. But you can’t love someone forcedly. It’s so true. When you’re forced to love someone, good feelings changes into bad feelings and hate.

  5. “It was happened to me. I was forced to love. But you can’t love someone forcedly. It’s so true. When you’re forced to love someone, good feelings changes into bad feelings and hate.”

    Is that not why GOD is ultimate Love and perfection……………If he revealed himself without our faith in him firstly (Forcing Love) it defies true love.If we ‘choose’ to love him out of faith in his existence…….without evidence of his existence…………….Is that not true love? Is that not true perfection?

  6. Love.. I never used to think it exists.. but met a guy n he taught me wat is it.. but even though I knew he liked some other gal I loved him n in response he too loved me but now he still misses her n I think m forcing him to love me but I had completely left him free to leav me anytime.. he says he can’t live without me n he also says he miss her. I jus don’t understand anything.. is ther anything yu can advice me?

    • hi suhana…
      i’m not a love expert, i dont know if i’m capable to give you advice on this. But if i’m in ur situation, i probably choose to leave him. it is hard to build a healthy relationship, and even harder when ur man is missing someone else who is not supposed to be IN the relationship.

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