Use your brain, not your heart…

This is the continuation of my previous post “follow your heart or your head”…

I follow my heart along the way….. accepted all the bad things going on…. and still love him…

always forgive his lies, affairs, abuses (oh psychological abuse is just as bad as physical abuse), etc. and the worst thing was i always ignore the red flag!!!! this guy has soooo many red flags.

But then I realized…. I’m smarter than that…. I need to use my brain, not my heart on this case. So I realize now, when it comes to LOVE, you need to use your brain, and not your heart entirely. You also need to hear your own thoughts…. Good guys do exist and they are out there ready to be found.


4 thoughts on “Use your brain, not your heart…

  1. even after I use my brain, sometimes things are not what they seem. I almost fell for a man who deceive me the whole time. I need to be more careful next time.

  2. when u follow your heart so many stressful in life will come there’s a possible.and when u follow your brain u can buy ur happiness. But wait i was thinking when i follow my mind i can buy my happiness, but forever lie to myself?that u never love the guy. So really hard to choose. Give me an advice pls

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