My ex will commit suicide???

I broke up with my boyfriend last week. I am single now… hehehe

Its not that he refused or anything… he just plainly accepted my offer to break up last week…. which kind of weird to me. I thought at least he should fight for it… But then what the heck… The only thing matters at that time was my goal…. “BREAK UP” (I did get what i want)

The following morning he called me up to cancelled the break-up. He begged me to come back. But i refused. Me with my strong will…. I never backed out of my decision.

He kept on asking, texting, phoning, crying to get me back… but I ignored him

anyway, last saturday night he texted me his suicide note….

anita, tonight i will try to end my life in this world. i cannot lie to my heart. please forgive me if there is any mistakes in your heart. i love u forever. give my best to your parents and sister and all your friends. i love them all, anita my love. God please forgive my sins.

I just need to call him after reading it. don’t you?

He had cut his wrist when I called…. he answered my 5th calls…. crying….

He went to a clinic to get his cut treated, now he is still recovering from it.


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