What is Love?

There are many combinations, all of which form some kind of love. Is there passion and friendship but very little commitment? This is defined as “passionate love.”

Are you committed but feel no passion or friendship? This is called “empty love.”

What most people ultimately desire, is “TRUE LOVE” the total package: passion, intimacy, friendship and commitment in one healthy relationship. It’s the most fulfilling love. It is unconditional, and in my opinion the only “CHOICE”.

  • Just because you feel love doesn’t mean the other person does!
  • People are capable of falling in and out of love so if your “true love” turns out to be abusive or makes you cry more than smile, end it and find a healthy person to love.
  • Remember there are levels of love, and true love is a “CHOICE” and just because someone says they love you doesn’t mean they love you. Their actions will tell.
  • Love is not a feeling. couples who have been married for a considerable amount of time, at least 10 years, can tell you that true love is not a feeling. Feelings tend to come and go; true love shouldn’t.

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